Jefford Humes | Separation Technology Manager

Jefford Humes, Separation Technology Manager, NanoIntegris

Mr. Humes received his Bachelor of Science from Morehouse College. He graduated Cum Laude with Chemistry Departmental Honors while minoring in Mathematics and Biology. Mr. Humes performed research-based internships at the IBM Almaden Research Center, the University of Chicago, RUSH Medical College, and Ohio State University. After undergrad, he served as a Chemist for Unilever HPC and Universal Oil and Petroleum. At NanoIntegris, Mr. Humes has gained mastery in the purification and separation of carbon single wall nanotubes by electronic type along with graphite exfoliation and purification. Because of his nanomaterial work, he has contributed to and been listed as a co-author within four articles from prestigious publications such as the American Chemical Society’s The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters and Applied Physics Letters.

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