Mark Davis | Chief Science Officer
Solan PV

Mark Davis, Chief Science Officer, Solan PV

Mark Davis has been involved in research and development in semiconductors and optics since 1978.  He has held positions of Director of Advance Research and Development, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), and Chief Science Officer (CSO).  Responsibilities have included both the research and development aspects of semiconductors and optics as well as the process engineering management in high volume manufacturing companies. Graphene and graphene functionalization has been a focus research topic since 2009. Analytical measurement systems and designs are a secondary interest.
Mr. Davis leads the fabrication development of graphene in a functionalized format for defined device structures.  Development includes research of 'self-functionalizing graphene' geometries for high integrity and quality graphene.  He is the holder of various patents in graphene, semiconductors and optics with others currently under evaluation.

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