Giovanni Banzola | Design Engineer

Giovanni Banzola, Design Engineer, McLaren

Giovanni has 13 years experience within the best F1 Teams, ranging from smaller teams such as Minardi and Toro Rosso, through to Toyota to the front runners Ferrari and McLaren. It is here where he has expressed his best creativity and innovative attitude. Giovanni has spent time in 3 completely different departments (production in Ferrari Ge.S., systems and gearbox in Minardi and Toro Rosso, and suspension and drive control in Toyota and McLaren). He has also worked in 3 different countries: Italy, Germany and England, and through this has gained an invaluable understanding of different cultures, personalities, mentalities. Giovanni has been a Technical Scrutineer for 8 years and responsible for the F1 and GP2 , (1996-2003) for F1 and F3000 and all other minors formula.

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