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Zonergy offers integrated smart micro-grid solutions for global customers, including technology R&D and production, sales and trade, engineering design and implementation, energy management and optimisation for multi-energy complementary and coordination of wind, solar, hydro, storage and charging.

Zonergy has produced 5 categories of products, including the product in the power generation side, Control inverter , energy storage, new energy load and novel type battery & materials. Specific product ranges include PV modules, portable power supply, off-grid household inverter, hybrid inverter , distributed energy storage, outdoor energy storage cabinet, container energy storage, communication integrated power supply, off-grid PV inverter, distributed industrial and commercial PV inverter, electric heating and other products.

As of October 2021, the Company applied 161 intellectual property rights, including 34 invention patents, 93 utility model patents, 18 design patents and 16 software copyrights.

In the field of off-grid PV energy storage, Zonergy has participated in the 3-Year Action Plan for Comprehensively Solving the Problem of Electricity Consumption for People without Electricity of the National Energy Administration. It has become the largest unit for independent PV power supply in areas without electricity in China, and its business covers the most difficult areas, providing power for 453,000 people in 657 townships of 99 counties.

In the field of overseas PV energy storage, Zonergy actively participated in the construction of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. Its 9*100MW ground-mounted PV power plant project in Pakistan was as a CPEC priority project. Zonergy also customised the household, off-grid and industrial and commercial PV energy storage system in Pakistan. It has opened 50 flagship stores across Pakistan, providing one-stop services including equipment sales, project design and engineering implementation. Zonergy has been involved in the construction of solar power generation systems in Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Nepal, Chad, Namibia and other countries.


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