Mac Alonge, CEO, The Equal Group

Karl Anders, Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer, innogy

Alona Armstrong, Deputy Director, Energy Lancaster, Lancaster University

Alona Armstrong | Deputy Director, Energy Lancaster | Lancaster University » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Charlie Baker, Director, red co-operative ltd

Charlie Baker | Director | red co-operative ltd » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Ana Barillas, Principal, Aurora Energy Research

Corentin Baschet, Head Of Market Analysis, Clean Horizon

Aaron Berry, Deputy Head, Energy And Infrastructure, Office for Low Emission Vehicles

Aaron Berry | Deputy Head, Energy And Infrastructure | Office for Low Emission Vehicles » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Dinker Bhardwaj, Head Of Data Policy And Smart Energy, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

Polly Billington, Director, UK100

Chris Bowden, Managing Director, Squeaky Clean Energy

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Smartklub

Randolph Brazier, Head Of Innovation And Development, ENA

Hugh Brennan, Managing Director, Hive Energy Limited

Emma Bridge, Chief Executive, Community Energy England

Jacob Briggs, Consultant, Cornwall Insight

Anna Bright, Chief Executive, Sustainability West Midlands

Anna Bright | Chief Executive | Sustainability West Midlands » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Laura Brown, Energy Research Programme Manager, Newcastle University

Steve Cains, Head Of Power Solutions, Public Power Solutions

Chris Calvert, Executive Director - Planning, Pegasus Group

Chris Calvert | Executive Director - Planning | Pegasus Group » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Joanna Campbell, Assistant Director, National Infrastructure Commission

Francisco Carranza Sierra, Managing Director Energy Services, Renault - Nissan

Roberto Castiglioni, CEO, Ikigai Capital

Cindi Choi, Managing Director, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures

Cindi Choi | Managing Director | Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Celine Cluzel, Director, Element Energy

Christine Coonick, Innovation Lead, Innovate UK

Graeme Cooper, Director Of Electric Vehicles, National Grid

Graeme Cooper | Director Of Electric Vehicles | National Grid » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Chris Cox, Head of Energy Systems & Infrastructure, Cenex

Olly Craughan, Csr General Manager, DPD Group UK Ltd

Olly Craughan | Csr General Manager | DPD Group UK Ltd » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Fraser Crichton, Fleet Operations Manager, Dundee City Council

Rafael Cuesta, Director, RCC Ltd

Kathryn Dapre, Head Of Energy And Sustainability, NHS National Services Scotland

Juliet Davenport, Chief Executive Officer, Good Energy

Sara De La Serna, Development Manager, SSE Enterprise

Jane Devlin, Energy Strategy Manager, East Hampshire District Council

Jane Devlin | Energy Strategy Manager | East Hampshire District Council » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Fabienne Dischamps, Chief Strategy And Product Management Officer, Smart DCC

Michael Dolman, Associate Director, Element Energy

Ricky Duke, Innovation And Low Carbon Network Engineer, Western Power Distribution

Philippa Eddie, Commercial Finance Specialist, Project And Structured Finance Group, Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office)

Steve Edwards, Head Of Flexible Energy, SIMEC

Shamala Evans, Senior Project Manager, Coventry City Council

Shamala Evans | Senior Project Manager | Coventry City Council » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Michael Gallagher, Regional Energy Projects Manager, Midlands Energy Hub

Michael Gallagher | Regional Energy Projects Manager | Midlands Energy Hub » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Paul Gambrell, EV Integration Team Leader, Oxfordshire County Council

Darren Gardner, Head of E.ON Drive UK, E.On Drive

Alexander Gilbert, Head of Smart Cities and Energy, Transport for London

Virginia Graham, Chief Executive, RECC

Madeleine Greenhalgh, Policy And Advocacy Manager, And Esn Policy Lead, Regen

Perry Guess, Head Of Partnerships, Ixion

Perry Guess | Head Of Partnerships | Ixion » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Andy Haig, Manager, Smart Metering And Smart Grid Business Development, Vodafone

Barbara Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Low Carbon Hub

Barbara Hammond | Chief Executive Officer | Low Carbon Hub » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Phil Hart, Professor And Director Of Energy And Power, Cranfield University

Ky Hoare, Local Energy Coordinator, Regen

Geoff Hoffheinz, Chief Engineer, Glennmont Partners

Fiona Howarth, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Fiona Howarth | Chief Executive Officer | Octopus Electric Vehicles » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Jo-Jo Hubbard, Co-Founder And Chief Operation Officer, Electron

Jo-Jo Hubbard | Co-Founder And Chief Operation Officer | Electron » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Paul Hutchens, Director, Eco2solar

Ralitsa Huteva, University of Sussex

Ralitsa Huteva |  | University of Sussex » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Ben Ingham, Innovation Project Manager, Electricity North West Ltd

Julian Jansen, Manager, Research And Analysis, IHS Markit

Julian Jansen | Manager, Research And Analysis | IHS Markit » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Chris Jardine, Technical Director, JOJU SOLAR

Felicity Jones, Partner, Everoze

Neil Jones, Project Manager, Possible

Gauri Kasbekar-Shah, Director, Project and Infrastructure Financing, Natwest

Peter Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer, Harmony Energy

Chris Kimmett, Director – Power Grids, Reactive Technologies

Rosie Knight, Programme Manager, Energy Saving Trust

Meriel Laikin, Project Development Manager, Arlington Energy

Rebecca Lawson, Principle Change Designer, Forum For The Future

Ben Lawson, Vice President Of Strategy, Enterprise

Victoria Limbrick, Energy Manager, Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Eric Ling, Engagement Manager, Vivid Economics

Eric Ling | Engagement Manager | Vivid Economics » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Jonathan Marshall, Head Of Analysis, Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Kyle Martin, Head Of Market Insight, Lane Clark and Peacock

Susannah McClintock, Investment Director, Sustainable Ventures

Susannah McClintock | Investment Director | Sustainable Ventures » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Ypatios Moysiadis, Business Development Director And Uk Country Manager, greensolver

Ruth Mulvany, Principal Rural Energy Project Officer, Nottingham City Council

Rajni Nair, Senior Policy Researcher, Citizens Advice

Simon Newman, Head Of Cyber And Business Services, Police Digital Security Centre

Hugo Niesing, Director, Resourcefully

Gill Nowell, Dso Lead, Electralink Ltd

Luke Osborne, Energy Solutions Advisor, ECA

Jonny Page, Investments & Partnerships, Cyan Finance

Brenda Park, Director, StorTera

Brenda Park | Director | StorTera » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Guy Parker, Director, Wychwood Biodiversity

Bindi Patel, Director, Heat Trust

Ollie Pendered, Director, Riding Sunbeams

Yannis Perrakis, Technology Principal, Digital Innovation, BP Plc

David Pierpoint, Chief Executive, Retrofit Academy

Phil Powell, Director, Gwent Energy

Keith Pullen, Chief Technical Officer, Gyrotricity

Afsheen Rashid, Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Repowering London

James Robbins, Founder, WinningCIO

Chris Roberts, Owner, Chris Roberts Clean Energy Consulting

Nick Robins, Professor Of Practice Sustainable Finance, The London School Of Economics And Political Science

Laura Sandys, Chief Executive Officer, Challenging Ideas

Helen Seagrave, Community Energy Manager, Electricity North West Ltd

Bilal Shahid, Senior Design Engineer, Reon Energy Limited

Mark Simon, CEO and Co-Founder, Eelpower

Mark Simon | CEO and Co-Founder | Eelpower » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy

Steven Steer, Head Of Data, Ofgem

Goran Strbac, Professor, Imperial College London

Sebastian Street, Senior Development Manager, Gridserve

Sebastian Street | Senior Development Manager | Gridserve » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Will Swan, Director Energy House Laboratories, University of Salford

Kt Tan, Technical Director, Viridian Solar

Kt Tan | Technical Director | Viridian Solar » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Dan Taylor, Co-Founder, ion Ventures

Sandith Thandasherry, Chief Executive Officer, NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats

Gordon Charles Thompson, Portfolio Manager, Innogy Innovation Hub

Gordon Charles Thompson | Portfolio Manager | Innogy Innovation Hub » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Alan Thompson, Head Of Energy Tech Consulting, UK Power Networks Services

Alan Thompson | Head Of Energy Tech Consulting | UK Power Networks Services » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Matthew Tilbrook, Project Finance Director, Metka-EGN Limited

Grazia Todeschini, Senior Lecturer, College Of Engineering, Swansea University

Jacopo Torriti, Professor, School Of Built Environment, University of Reading

Anna Carolina Tortora, Head Of Innovation Strategy, National Grid

Anna Carolina Tortora | Head Of Innovation Strategy | National Grid » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Kaija Valdmaa, Project Manager, Elering

Gideon Van Dijk, Chief Executive Officer, Chargetrip

Gideon Van Dijk | Chief Executive Officer | Chargetrip » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Matthew Watson, Innovation And Low Carbon Networks Engineer, Western Power Distribution

Rebecca Williams, Head Of Policy And Regulation, Renewable U.K.

Steve Williams, Managing Director, Clean Solar Solutions Ltd

Gareth Williams, Managing Director, caplor energy

Simon Williamson, Commercial Manager - Energy Storage, Kiwi Power

Nick Woolley, Co-Founder, ev.energy