Sam Abbott, Technical Specialist - Energy Systems & Infrastructure, Cenex

Lloyd Allen, Go Ultra Low West Project Manager, Bristol City Council

Mac Alonge, CEO, The Equal Group

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos, Commercial Manager, Piclo

Stefanos Anagnostopoulos | Commercial Manager | Piclo » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Arun Anand, Founder, Electric Miles

Karl Anders, Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer, innogy

Euan Anson, Sales Manager, Trina Solar

Euan Anson | Sales Manager | Trina Solar » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Greg Archer, UK Director, Transport and Environment

James Armstrong, Managing Partner, Bluefield Partners

Jonathan Atkinson, Project Manager, Carbon Co-op

David Bailey, Professor, Business Economics, University of Birmingham

Charlie Baker, Director, red co-operative ltd

Chris Barlow, Director of Innovation, Smart DCC

Christelle Barnes, Country Manager - UK, SolarEdge

Charlie Barnes, Electric Vehicle Project Development Manager - Bus & Coach Lead, Women in Transport

Corentin Baschet, Head Of Market Analysis, Clean Horizon

Anda Baumerte, Sustainability Manager, Northern Powergrid Group

Elizabeth Baxter, Director of Project Finance, Sonnedix

Bean Beanland, Director for Growth & External Affairs, Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Aaron Berry, Deputy Head, Energy And Infrastructure, Office for Low Emission Vehicles

Tom Betts, Technical Director, CREST

Aimee Betts-Charalambous, Energy Strategy Lead, Department for Transport

Michael Wayne Bexton, Director of Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability, Nottingham City Council

Laura Bishop, Chair, Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Charlie Blair, Managing Director, Gravitricity

Dan Blunt, Programme Manager, Anglian Water

Dan Blunt | Programme Manager | Anglian Water » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Elizabeth Bohun, Lead Technologist in Electric Vehicle Integration, Oxfordshire County Council

Tereza Borges, Director, n3rgy

Tamar Bourne, Head of Smart Energy, Regen

Charles Bradshaw-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Smartklub

Caroline Bragg, Senior Policy Manager, The Association for Decentralised Energy

Matthew Brailsford, Managing Director, Custom Solar

Randolph Brazier, Head Of Innovation And Development, ENA

Hugh Brennan, Managing Director, Hive Energy Limited

Jacob Briggs, Consultant, Cornwall Insight

Melissa Briggs, International Business Development Director, Heliomotion Ltd

Melissa Briggs | International Business Development Director | Heliomotion Ltd » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Anna Bright, Chief Executive, Sustainability West Midlands

Sylvia Broadley, Specialist Energy Manager, Birmingham City Council

Sylvia Broadley | Specialist Energy Manager | Birmingham City Council » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Mark Calnan, Principal Consultant, Qarma Solutions

Mark Calnan | Principal Consultant | Qarma Solutions » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Fabio Carvalho G Da Silva, Senior Research Associate, Lancaster University

Ian Chilvers, Chief Power Systems Engineer, Smart Power Systems

Ian Chilvers | Chief Power Systems Engineer | Smart Power Systems » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Felix Chow-Kambitsch, Head Of Commissioned Projects, Aurora Energy Research

Felix Chow-Kambitsch | Head Of Commissioned Projects | Aurora Energy Research » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Sophia Cliff, Senior Policy Advisor, Offshore Electricity, BEIS

Jez Climas, Head of Renewable Heat, Midsummer Energy

Paul Cole, Director, powerQuad Ltd.

Finlay Colville, Head Of Market Intelligence, Solar Media Ltd

Finlay Colville | Head Of Market Intelligence | Solar Media Ltd » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Charlie Cook, Founder, Rightcharge

Andrew Cook, Director, Pegasus Group

Christine Coonick, Programme Manager, Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund, Innovate UK

Mark Copley, Associate Professor, University of Warwick

Serena Corr, Head of Department and Professor in Functional Nanomaterials, University of Sheffield

Simon Coulson, Director, Aura Power

Philip Coventry, Projects & Operations Manager, Community Energy England

Chris Cox, Head of Energy Systems & Infrastructure, Cenex

Olly Craughan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, DPD Group

Olly Craughan | Head of Corporate Social Responsibility | DPD Group » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Joseph Crolla, Industry Skills Intelligence, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Stephen Crosher, CEO, RheEnergise

Daisy Cross, Head Of Smart Programme, Energy UK

Anna Cuckow, Assistant Manager, Programme And Transport, Energy Saving Trust

Michael Dann, Director, Stirling Works Global Ltd

Helen Dewhurst, Senior Associate, Bloomberg NEF

Helen Dewhurst | Senior Associate | Bloomberg NEF » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Richard Drew, Regional Account Manager, Energy Saving Trust

Johan Du Plessis, Founder & CEO, Tepeo

Harry Duguid, Policy Advisor, EV Infrastructure, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)

Harry Duguid | Policy Advisor, EV Infrastructure | Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Stuart Elmes, Chief Executive Officer, Viridian Solar

Shamala Evans-Gadgil, Senior Project Manager: Transport and Innovation, Coventry City Council

Will Farrell, Head of Operations, Ubitricity

Jon Ferris, Head of Storage and Flexibility, Delta-EE

Jenny Figueiredo, EV Charging Project Manager, Oxfordshire County Council

Richard Fitton, Reader in Energy Performance of Buildings / School of Built Environment, University of Salford

Olly Frankland, Project Manager, Regen Sw

Andreas Fritzche, Managing Director, Ethical Power Connections

Michael Gallagher, Regional Energy Projects Manager, Midlands Energy Hub

Alexander Gilbert, Senior Energy Strategy Manager, Transport for London

Mark Gillott, Chair In Sustainable Building Design, University of Nottingham

Mark Gillott | Chair In Sustainable Building Design | University of Nottingham » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Kate Gilmartin, Senior Project Officer Rural Community Energy Fund North West, Lancashire County Council

Rajiv Gogna, Partner, Lane Clark and Peacock

Rajiv Gogna | Partner | Lane Clark and Peacock » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

William Goldsmith, Head of Commercial & Grid Services, ev.energy

William Goldsmith | Head of Commercial & Grid Services | ev.energy » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Frank Gordon, Head Of Policy, The REA

Virginia Graham, CEO, REAL

Amit Gudka, Founder, Field

Ben Guest, Head Of New Energy And British Strategic Investment Fund, Gresham House Plc

Monica Guise, Director of Facility Services, University of Birmingham

Mr Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO, Rebase Energy

Mr Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi | CEO | Rebase Energy » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Richard Hall, Solar Governance Lead, Energy Transitions

Patrick Hall, Senior Researcher, Bright Blue

Barbara Hammond, Chief Executive Officer, Low Carbon Hub

Barbara Hammond | Chief Executive Officer | Low Carbon Hub » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Robert Harley, Director, Helios Solar Operations & Maintenance Ltd

Phil Hart, Professor And Director Of Energy And Power, Cranfield University

Sherwan Hassan, Global Business Developer, Ezzing Solar

Victoria Heald, Transport Planner, WSP UK

Ruth Herbert, Director, Strategy and Development, Low Carbon Contracts Company Ltd (LCCC)

Chris Hewett, Chief Executive, Solar Energy UK

Chris Hewett | Chief Executive | Solar Energy UK » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Mike Hewitt, Chief Technology Officer, Smart DCC

Tony Hill, Founding Director, Burneside Community Energy

Tony Hill | Founding Director | Burneside Community Energy » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

George Hilton, Senior Analyst, IHS Markit

James Hoare, Partner, LHW Partnership LLP

James Hoare | Partner | LHW Partnership LLP » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Todd Holden, Director of Low Carbon, The Growth Company

Kevin Holland, Managing Director, The Solar Shed

Chloe Hood, Project Developer, Aura Power

Fiona Howarth, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Electric Vehicles

Fiona Howarth | Chief Executive Officer | Octopus Electric Vehicles » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Steven Hughes, Head of Portfolio, Foresight Group

David Hunt, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Hyperion Executive Search

Paul Hutchens, Director, Eco2solar

Alfred Ireland, Commercial Manager, Ovo Energy

Julian Jansen, Associate Director, IHS Markit

Chris Jardine, Technical Director, Joju Solar

Paul Jewell, Policy Manager, Western Power Distribution

Ian Johnston, CEO, Osprey Charging Network

Peter Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer, Harmony Energy

James Kelloway, Energy Intelligence Manager, National Grid ESO

James Kelloway | Energy Intelligence Manager | National Grid ESO » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Graham Kenyon, Managing Director, G Kenyon Technology

Josh King, Operations Manager, AES Solar

Jon Kirby, Director, Solar & Storage, EON

Marek Kubik, Market Director, Fluence

Aaron Lally, Managing Partner, VEST Energy

Aaron Lally | Managing Partner | VEST Energy » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Justin Laney, General Manager - Fleet, John Lewis Partnership

Rachel Lee, PhD Researcher - Electric Vehicles and Human Behaviour, University of Sheffield

Rachel Lee | PhD Researcher - Electric Vehicles and Human Behaviour | University of Sheffield » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Andrew Lever, Director, Programmes And Innovations, Carbon Trust

Andrew Lever | Director, Programmes And Innovations | Carbon Trust » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Eric Ling, Engagement Manager, Vivid Economics

Ian MacKenzie, CEO, Trojan Energy

Rachel Maclean, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Transport Decarbonisation and Future of Transport, Department for Transport

Mats Manderbacka, Chief Executive Officer, HUR

Mats Manderbacka | Chief Executive Officer | HUR » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Andy Manning, Principal Economic Regulation Specialist, Citizens Advice

Andy Manning | Principal Economic Regulation Specialist | Citizens Advice » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Pavel Mardilovich, Senior Scientist, CellCube

Kyle Martin, Head Of Market Insight, Lane Clark and Peacock

Chris Matson, Lane Clark and Peacock

Chris Matson |  | Lane Clark and Peacock » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Kevin McCann, Policy Manager, Solar Energy UK

James Mckemey, Head Of The Insights Team, Pod Point Ltd

Thomas McMillan, Head of Energy Consultancy UK, Savills

Thomas McMillan | Head of Energy Consultancy UK | Savills » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Justin McNamara, Business Development Manager EMEA, Honeywell

Elaine Meshki, Sustainable Energy and Transport Consultant, Cenex

Rachel Mills, Senior Policy Researcher, Citizens Advice

Andrew Moore, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, UKSOL – Helix Solar

Alastair Mounsey, UK Country Manager, JA Solar

Alastair Mumford, SWEP Regional Programme Manager - Devon, Bristol City Council

Graham Oakes, Owner, Graham Oakes Ltd

Declan O'Halloran, Chief Executive Officer, Quintas Energy

Julian O'Kelly, Head Of Technology, Innovation And Research, British Parking Association

Luke Osborne, Energy Solutions Advisor, ECA

Aidan O'Sullivan, Associate Professor Energy and AI, University College London

Adrian Parker, Technology Programme Manager, myenergi

Howard Passey, Director of Operations and Principal Consultant, Fire Protection Association

Howard Passey | Director of Operations and Principal Consultant | Fire Protection Association » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Matt Paterson, Sales Director, Ethical Power Connections

Ollie Pendered, Director, Riding Sunbeams

Ollie Pendered | Director | Riding Sunbeams » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Ed Porter, Business Development Director, Invinity Energy Systems

Andreas Procopiou, Chief Product Officer, Watts Battery Ltd

Robert Proctor, Business Development Manager, Community Energy Wales

Simon Proctor, Head of Origination, Brook Green Supply

Liam Proudlock, Director, Proudlock Associates

Keith Pullen, Director, Levistor

Jonathan Radcliffe, Reader in Energy Systems and Innovation, University of Birmingham

andy rayner, Business Development Manager, Prism Marketing Group

andy rayner | Business Development Manager | Prism Marketing Group » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Jon Regnart, Automotive Trend Strategist, APC

Faye Relton, Ancillary Services Development Manager, National Grid ESO

Ian Rippin, CEO, MCS

Rebecca Robbins, Head Of Compliance, Renewable Energy Assurance

Rebecca Robbins | Head Of Compliance | Renewable Energy Assurance » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Chris Roberts, Technical Director, MCS

Chris Roberts | Technical Director | MCS » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Leah Robson, Director, Your Energy Your Way CIC

Jyoti Roy, CEO, GreenEnco Ltd

Steve Saunders, Director - Energy Resources and Infrastructure, Arup

Martin Schichtel, Chief Executive Officer, Kraftblock

Laurent Schmitt, Head of Utilities & European Developments, dcbel

Louise Schmitz, Deputy Director for Electricity Network Charging Access, OFGEM

Helen Seagrave, Community Energy Manager, Electricity North West Ltd

Adam Sharpe, Partner, Everoze Partners Ltd

Michael Simpson, CEO, Cheesecake Energy

Tanya Sinclair, Policy Director, Uk And Ireland, ChargePoint

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy

Luke Strickland, Environment & Sustainability Team Lead, Mott MacDonald

Jamie Taylor, Senior Data Scientist, University of Sheffield

John Taylor, Energy Projects Manager, Greater South East Energy Hub

Elaine Teo, Director Of Business Development, Heliospekt

Elaine Teo | Director Of Business Development | Heliospekt » speaking at Solar & Storage Live

Mark Thompson, Managing Director, AceOn Group

Alan Thompson, Head Of Energy Tech Consulting, UK Power Networks Services

Dan Travers, Co-Founder, Open Climate Fix

Greg Triantafyllidis, Technical Director, JBM Solar

Louise Van Rensburg, Interim Deputy Director, Energy Systems Transition, OFGEM

Paul Verrill, Executive Director, Enappsys

Christelle Verstraeten, Senior Director European Policy, ChargePoint

Joanna Ward, Transport Planner, Freelance

Nicola Waters, Founder and Director, PSH Operations

Steve Williams, Managing Director, Clean Solar Solutions Ltd

James Williams, MD, Sero

Gareth Williams, Managing Director, Caplor Energy

James Williams, Co-founder & CEO, Sero Homes

Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, ILI Group Plc

David Woon, Renewable Energy Technical Engineer, Spirit Energy

Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems, BEAMA

Jennifer Yates, S.S.E. Plc

Paul Younger, Senior Associate Architect, Hewitt Studios LLP

Marzia Zafar, Head of Customer Strategy & Policy, Kaluza

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