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Solar & Storage Live is the UK’s most forward-thinking, challenging and exciting renewable energy exhibition that celebrates the technologies at the forefront of the transition to a greener, smarter, more decentralised energy system.

Join us in Birmingham in September where we will bring key stakeholders within the energy value chain together with the innovators and disruptors to showcase their technology and service solutions needed to enable change at this critical time.






  • The UK had a serious energy crisis before the Ukraine war. Now the need to rapidly scale up home grown energy has become even more urgent
  • The cost of household energy means that some people may now have to choose between heating and eating, with the consumer price cap due to rise by 54% in April 2022, probably higher still by Winter 2022
  • The electricity market and networks are also in need of urgent re-design to allow the benefits of cheap renewable energy, such as solar, to be accessed by consumers and businesses
  • Moving as fast as possible to a green energy system is the single most important thing the UK can do to address these issues
  • Solar can already produce as much as 30% of UK electricity at different points in the year, and in 2021 solar provided more than 4% of the UK’s total supply of electricity demand, and this could treble by 2030
  • The level of support for solar is consistently high, with the most recent survey results, published in December 2021, showing that an astonishing 90% of the public supported solar. This is the most popular of any renewable energy technology
  • The price of solar technology has plummeted around the world in recent years. The UK government states that utility scale solar has fallen in cost by 88% since 2010 and the cost of rooftop solar has declined by as much as 60% since 2010




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We’ve been sparking ideas, innovations and relationships that transform business for over 30 years. Using our global footprint, we bring innovators, disrupters and change agents together. Discussing and demonstrating the technology, strategies and personalities that are changing the way the world does business.

Our world leading events bring scale, knowledge, and gravitas to promote innovation and technology that change people’s lives. Whether it is solar and renewables in Africa, education technology in Australia, payments and e-commerce in Asia, railways in the Middle East, orphan drugs in the Americas, or aviation in Europe, our events make a difference.

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The Future Energy Show Africa 2024
March | Johannesburg
Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024
March | Johannesburg
Solar & Storage Live USA 2024
April | Philadelphia
Solar & Storage Live London 2024
April | London
Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024
May | Brisbane
Solar & Storage Live Philippines 2024
May | Manila
Solar & Storage Live MENA 2024
May | Cairo
Solar & Storage Live Vietnam 2024
July | Ho Chi Minh City
Solar & Storage Live Cape Town 2024
August | Cape Town
Solar & Storage Live Zurich 2024
September | Zurich
Solar & Storage Live 2024
September | Birmingham
Solar & Storage Live KSA 2024
October | Riyadh
Solar & Storage Live KSA 2024
November | Barcelona


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