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Create the UK’s most forward-thinking, challenging and exciting renewable energy exhibition that celebrates the technologies at the forefront of the transition to a greener, smarter, more decentralised energy system.

Where we’ll bring key stakeholders within the energy value chain together with the innovators and disruptors to showcase their technology and service solutions needed to enable change at this critical time.


Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage 4000+
Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage 150+
Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage 150+
Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage 250+
Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage 30+


  • Old supply and demand models of power have already undergone a fundamental change due to technological advancement
  • In 2018, solar contributed to 31% of global generated power and will only increase along with co-located technologies
  • However, the electricity produced by renewables is not always completely dependable, especially solar being largely dependent on the weather
  • This is where storage comes in – stabilising the fluctuations in supply and demand
  • EVs on rapid charge are using up far more power than traditional domestic appliances
  • Developments in V2G technology also means that EVs have the potential to feed power back into the grid
  • Smart meters allow households to monitor their usage for the first time, combined with an increasing cultural awareness of the risks posed by climate change, both trends that are giving rise to a new energy ‘prosumer’

The industry needs to work together to build a smarter, greener energy system and soon, as we all know what the stakes are here. That’s precisely why we need Solar & Storage Live.

Solar & Storage Live Will Feature

150+ exhibitors
Start-up pitches
Co-located EV & infrastructure event: Charge!
Peer-to-peer networking
250+ expert speakers
Theatres covering solar, storage, EVs and smart energy
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