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The UK’s Leading Self-Service Ultra Pure Water Distribution Network
Innovating the pure water industry, Spotless Water is the original, the best and the ONLY national, eco solution for ultra pure water.
Competitively priced and available 24/7 at our self-service stations across the UK, Spotless Water provides fast-flowing, chemical-free, ultra pure water unrivalled in the industry. Adhering to Water Regulation 5, to guarantee the best practice and a cleaner environment for everyone.
Solar panels, whether in place on a home or creating energy on a larger scale in dedicated farms, require regular cleaning every 6 months to maintain their effectiveness. Without this regular clean each panel loses approximately 5% of its energy generating ability. Spotless water is the ideal and recommended solution to clean all solar panels for the following reasons:
  • There are no chemicals required meaning no potential damage caused by incorrect products being applied and reducing overall cleaning costs
  • Ultra pure water is noncorrosive, helping to extend the lifespan of the solar panels.
  • Spotless Water is not an electrical conductor ensuring the safety of operatives during the cleaning process
  • Using spotless water protects the natural habitat around the panels, preventing environmental damage from cleaning chemicals
  • Our national network of filling stations means less travelling with a heavy load of water reducing emissions and saving fuel
  • Spotless water leaves no spots or marks to hinder the effectiveness of the panels
Visit us on the Spotless Water stand to find out how we can assist your solar energy business.

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