Diane Maurice | Central Bank Technical Advisor
Office of Technical Assistance

Diane Maurice, Central Bank Technical Advisor, Office of Technical Assistance

D.R. Maurice is a central bank technical expert with over 25 years’ experience for both the US Federal Reserve Bank as a banking supervisor and as an international investment banker in New York, San Francisco and London. After three years as  residence advisor in a North African Central Bank working on a range of risk management and macroprudential topics including information security and anti-money laundering. Ms. Maurice advises other Central Banks in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In addition, Ms. Maurice is working on technological improvement concepts related to financial technology; anti-money laundering/counter terrorist financing as well as risk management of cyber security and cybercrime.  
Ms. Maurice has two advanced degrees including a Master’s from the London School of Economics where she worked towards a PhD on international regulations for banks and non-bank processes. Her most recent publications (November 2016 and March 2018) address financial technology and strategic risk management. Ms. Maurice is a frequent speaker at operational risk management and financial innovations at professional conferences and universities in the US, Europe, and North Africa. Please refer to LinkedIn Profile.
Two recent publications for Risk Books address financial technology, cyber crimes and blockchain challenges.- https://www.amazon.com/Fintech-Growth-Deregulation-Diane-Maurice-ebook/dp/B079TSKFTK. A third book is in process.


VIP Conference Day 2: 6 November @ 09:00

Central bank panel: Nurturing digital payment innovation: Regulations and policies

  • Starting with a digital-only mindset
  • Creating the building blocks for tomorrows payment systems
  • Core issues to be considered – getting everyone on-board
  • Identify learnings from other regulators that have changed successfully
  • Challenges, policy and solutions

VIP Conference Day 2: 6 November @ 12:00

Introducing: IoP Internet of Payments

  • Is this the future of payments?
  • The impact on market development
  • How to gear up and get ready
  • Encouraging opportunities for banks to play a bigger role in the lives of the customer
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