Seonhi Ro | Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Specialist
Ford Werke

Seonhi Ro, Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Specialist, Ford Werke

Dr. Seonhi Ro has been working at Ford of Europe for about 24 years. She was a Manufacturing Industry 4.0 Specialist, Global data analytics manager in the Manufacturing area, Manufacturing Business operating manager, Powertrain Integration supervisor and Cycle planning specialist. She is at the moment in der passive phase of her Pre-Retirement part-time program at Ford.  Before she joined  Ford, she worked at Vaillant, German  Heating system manufacturer. She has a mechanical engineering Ph.D. from the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany.


Day 2 @ 13:30

Panel: Scaling up EV production

last published: 21/May/24 15:05 GMT

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