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“It has been absolutely incredible experience that has gone above and beyond expectations. We have a booth here and have been inundated with really great start-ups across many different types of fields within the mobility space. I’m just utterly excited to be here.”

Adam Bazih, Head of Stellantis Ventures, Stellantis




“MOVE 2023 has really been exhilarating, there are so many new business models here and the more conversations I have it feels so good to connect with clients and really understand some of the risk issues that they're facing that we need to solve for them.”

Jillian Slyfield, CIO, Aon




“This is the premier event when it comes to sustainability and mobility products. The companies here are really making a difference in the way we're treating the planet and how we're going to help people get around and create a more sustainable future.”

Steve Schwinke, VP Customer Engagement, Sibros



“I’ve been to MOVE almost every year and it's a great conference where you get to hear all sorts of statistics, trends, and forecasts for the future. That’s why we also chose this place to launch our Bolt 6 scooter.”

Ardo Reinsalu, Director of Vehicles,  Bolt



“It has been a really exciting experience, there are a lot of mobility players present here and a lot of exciting ideas and new technologies. It’s been a really great moment to open the eyes and see what's happening in the mobility world today.”

Fanny Touron, Head of Innovation & Products, ALD Automotive