Robert Bateman | Manager Research and Advanced Engineering

Robert Bateman, Manager Research and Advanced Engineering, Nissan

Manager for the Research and Advanced Engineering team working at Nissan’s European Technical Centre, based in Cranfield Bedfordshire for the last 27 years. Following working on the development of new production models in its Sunderland and Barcelona plants focusing firstly on interior trim and then vehicle safety components, for the last 15 years he has led the R&AE team in the UK to develop Nissan’s Global Research themes in Europe. Projects include the development of the Infiniti Emerg-e high performance demonstrator vehicle in collaboration with Lotus and JLR as part of the ‘REEVolution’ project, an Innovate UK funded program between 2010 and 2012. He has also delivered other green powertrain programs working with UK SME’s and Universities and on ergonomic programs looking into the Human Sciences to ensure safe and comfortable experiences for Nissan customers. While continuing to support these programs, Robert also project managed the ‘HumanDrive’ ‘ServCity’ and ‘eVolvAD’ project’s, co-funded by Innovate UK and CCAV to deliver Nissan’s aims to ensure the autonomous vehicle experience is a Human-Like drive while on motorway, rural and urban roads and maintain the maximum level of safety to both passenger and other road users.


Day 1 @ 13:55

Nissan’s autonomous vehicle journey in the UK: Driving in highway, rural and urban environments

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