Rajesh Kumar K V | Associate Professor - AI Research Centre
Woxsen University

Rajesh Kumar K V, Associate Professor - AI Research Centre, Woxsen University

Dr. Rajesh Kumar K V is a distinguished academic and researcher currently serving as an Associate Professor at the AI Research Centre, School of Business - Business Analytics department, Woxsen University, Hyderabad, India. Currently he is  leading a team of engineering working on interdisciplinary research projects. He holds the prestigious Chair Professor of France Belanger of Information Systems and is actively involved as Co-Chairperson of the Centre of Excellence – Sports Analytics and Management. Furthermore, he is the Advertflair Chair Professor in Marketing and Advertising, specializing in AI Projects. His academic credentials include an M. Tech in Embedded Systems, and Ph.D. in Applied Artificial Intelligence in biomechanical engineering. His research specialization lies in Human Computer Interface-based signal Data Analytics for Bio-Medical Applications, Machine and Deep Learning, Robotics, IoT, Sensors and Business Analytics. In 2022, he showcased his expertise in sports analytics at the Data Con LA+ IM Data 2022 conference in the US, California. His significant research contributions were recognized at ICRA 2023-UK in a workshop on Computer Vision for Wearable Robotics by Harvard University. He has been selected as a panel member to discuss "How AI is changing the landscape of work" at the AI Tech Summit in April 2024, in Malaga, Spain. He has also been selected as a panel member to discuss "Charting the Digital Landscape: AI and Beyond in Modern Governance" at the Digital Innovation Summit in April 2024 in Bucharest, Romania.


Day 2 @ 12:05

Panel: The future of the connected car: what does it look like?

last published: 17/May/24 16:15 GMT

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