Pablo Garrido | Investment Principal
EIT Urban Mobility

Pablo Garrido, Investment Principal, EIT Urban Mobility

Pablo Garrido brings over 12 years of experience in navigating the European early-stage funding landscape. With a passion for driving the clean energy transition, revolutionizing energy and mobility landscapes, and staying at the forefront of emerging climate tech trends, Pablo is committed to leveraging investments to foster sustainable solutions for a greener future.
His expertise lies in identifying disruptive technologies and nurturing innovative startups poised to make impactful contributions to environmental sustainability. As a seasoned investor, Pablo believes in the power of cross-sector collaborations to push boundaries and solve mobility’s most pressing issues.

Pablo is thrilled to share insights and explore investment opportunities in smart city innovation during the MOVE event.      


Day 1 @ 11:55

Panel: Urban planning: smart city innovation and investment opportunities

last published: 17/Apr/24 13:35 GMT

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