Mark-Emil Talivere | Innovation Expert
City of Tallinn

Mark-Emil Talivere, Innovation Expert, City of Tallinn

I specialize in spearheading Tallinn's initiatives to identify, integrate, and expand cutting-edge innovations. At the helm of two flagship innovation programs, Test in Tallinn and Tallinnovation, I orchestrate strategic endeavors to propel our city towards pioneering advancements. Test in Tallinn serves as a dynamic platform facilitating companies in finding optimal sites for public pilot projects, facilitating the communication of public open data, and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders to ensure seamless project execution. Tallinnovation, a prestigious annual innovation competition with a substantial 100,000 euros prize pool, is dedicated to catalyzing the development and testing of innovative smart city solutions. Companies stand to benefit from up to 30,000 euros in funding to fuel their groundbreaking endeavors. Currently, I am actively engaged at MOVE, leveraging this opportunity to engage with startups and extend invaluable support in navigating the landscape of testing and scaling their innovations within the dynamic ecosystem of Tallinn. Let's collaborate to shape the future of urban innovation together.


Day 2 @ 14:05

Innovate, Test, Transform: Tallinn's Role in Shaping Urban Futures

last published: 17/May/24 16:15 GMT

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