Mariusz Zabrocki | General Manager UK

Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager UK, FREENOW

Mariusz Zabrocki is the General Manager at FREENOW UK, Europe’s mobility super app and the UK's largest black cab operator. Zabrocki has vast experience in the mobility sector; prior to FREENOW, he was General Manager at ride-hailing company, Kapten, the first major competitor to Uber in London. Since then, he has led the successful merger between Kapten and FREENOW and managed the integration of micromobility options into the FREENOW app. Zabrocki has also successfully steered the company from record lows caused by the global pandemic, which severely affected the ride-hailing industry, to record highs. Currently, FREENOW's is the licenced taxi market leader in the UK and across Europe.  


Day 2 @ 13:30

Panel: Integrated planning: a single app that seamlessly connects transport modes

last published: 17/Apr/24 13:35 GMT

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