Manimuthu Arunmozhi | Assistant Professor
Aston University

Manimuthu Arunmozhi, Assistant Professor, Aston University

Dr. Manimuthu is currently an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Cybersecurity and Business Analytics at Aston Business School. Before joining Aston University, he worked as a Research Fellow in the field of Autonomous Vehicle Security at the Cybersecurity Research Center (CYSREN), and Energy Research Institute (ERIAN), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. During his tenure at NTU, he worked on topics such as autonomous vehicle simulation, threat analysis, vulnerability assessment, and network security.
He worked as a visiting research fellow at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore focusing on self-reconfigurable autonomous robotics platforms, especially energy-aware automation and control systems. During his doctoral studies, he worked on topics like IoT, Cloud connectivity, Home area networks, Model-based design and smart grid. He has a strong background in automation, autonomous operations, digital control, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.  He holds a patent for his invention “Intelligent Metering and Controlling System for Transformers”. 
His major research areas include ICT, sustainable operations and information management, threat analysis and risk assessment, Blockchain, Automation and control, privacy-preserving operation and cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles threat and vulnerability assessment. 
He has strong experience in teaching and research in wide range of topics like business analytics, blockchain, AI, machine learning, network security, smart grid, sustainable operations and information management, and supply-chain optimization. He is an adjunct professor at the University of La Sabana Colombia and handled classes for both undergraduate and postgraduate students from various domains including operations, supply chain, and information systems. He also acted as an external expert and keynote speaker on various operations and information system related topics in various universities including the University of Bradford (UK), NITIE (India), IIM Sambalpur (India), etc.    Research Interests The following are my research interest:

  1. Application of Machine Learning in Supply-chain.
  2. Information systems analysis and assessment using Artificial Intelligence 
  3. Use of Artificial Intelligence for Automation and Control.
  4. Sustainable supply-chain operation management.
  5. Attack modeling and analysis for cyber-physical systems.
  6. Threat analysis and vulnerability assessments for smart industrial environment.


Day 1 @ 15:35

Panel: Cybersecurity: critical imperatives for the connected future

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