Clem Newton-Brown | Founder

Clem Newton-Brown, Founder, Skyportz

  Clem Newton-Brown is CEO and founder of Skyportz, the only Australian business developing a network of landing sites for a future air taxi network. Clem’s background as a former Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Member of Victorian Parliament and barrister specialising in planning and property development has put him at the forefront of this emerging industry.   Clem serves on several Federal, State, industry and international committees advancing the development of the rules and regulations around establishing a whole new era in clean, green electric aviation.The success of the industry depends on these changes along with a network of Skyportz sites  from which air taxis will operate.


Day 2 @ 12:05

Panel: Commercialisation and partnerships: how eVTOL is scaling up

last published: 17/Apr/24 13:35 GMT

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