Biswajit Kundu Roy | CEO & Founder

Biswajit Kundu Roy, CEO & Founder, Coastr

Combining his love for travel and a passion for innovation, Biswajit Kundu Roy decided to use his 15 years of experience in technology, mobility and digital transformation to start Coastr after spotting a gap in the shared mobility market created by out of date, fragmented technologies and market offerings. Coastr aims to be a force for good by enabling shared mobility solutions using technology innovations delivered through their integrated, hyper-connected mobility platform delivering new-age digital services to mobility operators who operate rental, subscriptions, sharing and other mobility services. Coastr enables a digital customer experience supported by fully digital operations which leverage the benefits of connected vehicles technology and data driven insights. Prior to starting Coastr, Biswajit was a Technology Strategist at PwC, helping companies, big and small, transform their business using technology. Biswajit is also a keen promoter of initiatives that support environmental preservation and has embedded sustainable mobility as a core part of Coastr’s strategy, including pledging to the UN SME Climate hub to help mobility businesses achieve net zero carbon footprint by 2050.


Day 2 @ 15:45

Panel: Shared mobility in fleets: latest innovations

last published: 17/Apr/24 13:35 GMT

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