Brian Meehan | Director of Learning Technology
Kaohsiung American School

Brian Meehan, Director of Learning Technology, Kaohsiung American School

Blending over two decades of expertise with a dash of wit, Brian Meehan has been a transformative force in educational technology. A proven leader who rolls up his sleeves and delves into the trenches, Brian spearheaded the technology leap at Allendale Columbia School before taking the helm at Kaohsiung American School. His collaborative spirit and tolerance for measured risk-taking have lifted the experiences of students and faculty, ushering in an era where cutting-edge technology is wielded as a creative and educational tool, and where innovation is not just encouraged but expected. Even with COVID-19 now a chapter behind us, the lessons learned and the new techniques that evolved remain invaluable. Brian has expertly steered his team through these times, balancing the resources of time, technicians, and treasure. The result is a learning environment that's more resilient, dynamic, and forward-thinking than ever before. Brian has turned challenges into opportunities, ensuring that screen time is not just spent, but invested.  Brian’s leadership style is a blend of earnest dedication and levity. He doesn't just chase the future; he helps shape it, ensuring that the powerful tools of AI and digital innovation are mastered and harnessed in classrooms today. With an open-door policy that’s as much about fostering change as it is about welcoming a hearty laugh, he's the EdTech leader at the looking forward, guiding with vision, purpose, and an ever-present spark of fun.  


EDUtech Asia 2024 Conference Day 1 @ 11:00

Panel — Ethical explorers: navigating the moral terrain of AI and machine learning

  • Deconstructing bias in machine learning algorithms
  • Navigating ethical quandaries in AI and machine learning
  • Empowering future ethical tech leaders
last published: 23/Apr/24 10:35 GMT

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