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P95 is a company dedicated to healthcare research in the fields of Pharmacovigilance, Epidemiology and Pharmaco-Epidemiology. 

P95 finds, collects, analyses and reports epidemiological data to assist public health agencies, research organizations and pharmaceutical companies in improving peoples´ access to safe and effective vaccines. 

P95 was founded by Thomas Verstraeten in June 2011. The P95 team includes epidemiologists, statisticians, medical writers, IT engineers, pharmacovigilance specialists, administrative staff, project managers and project support officers. The team is highly educated with medical doctors and PhDs. 

Projects in which P95 is or has been involved span most areas of epidemiology and pharmacovigilance, including such activities as literature reviews, protocol development, study set-up, identification of investigators, statistical analyses, conference presentations, publication writing, process development, reviews of risk management plan, pharmacovigilance training and DSMB support.