Evaxion Biotech

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Evaxion-Biotech A/S (NASDAQ:EVAX) a clinical-stage biotech company. Powered by AI, Evaxion identifies and develops novel immunotherapies for the treatment of various cancers and infectious diseases.

Our three proprietary AI platforms include (i) PIONEER™, our immuno-oncology platform, (ii) EDEN™, our bacterial disease platform, and (iii) RAVEN™, our viral disease platform.

We are using PIONEER for the development of patient-specific, neoepitope-based immunotherapies for various cancers and EDEN to develop immunotherapies for bacterial diseases. We plan to use our RAVEN platform to discover and develop vaccines against future coronaviruses as well as other viral infections.

We are currently in the clinic with our two lead oncology programs, EVX-01 and EVX-02, for the treatment of various cancers. Preliminary data from our EVX-01 clinical trial show induction of specific T cells in 100% of patients. 80.5% of the administered neoepitopes induced reactive T cells in patients, of which 84.8% were de novo responses. We plan to advance both programs to phase 2b trials in first half of 2022.

Our EVX-B1 product candidate, derived from our EDEN platform, is a vaccine for the prevention of staphylococcus aureus infections. EVX-B1 combines five components into an effective, highly competitive vaccine.