Apex Research Group


Apex Research Group (ARG) is a clinician-led clinical research site organization. We are committed to preserving the health and  well-being of the general population by being a liaison between Pharma, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and prospective clinical trial participants.
ARG is dedicated to researching diagnostics, medical devices and therapeutics used in preventive care and treatment. With the singular goal of addressing unmet medical needs, we connect participants to clinical investigation and conduct studies on behalf of sponsors with promising investigational products in their pipelines that include vaccines,  pharmaceutical medicines, and medical devices. We are connected to several Urgent Care clinics throughout Sacramento and our network allows us to use practical recruitment approaches to reach a wide range of potential study participants.
We are committed to ensuring that all studies are conducted with the highest integrity to produce high quality data. With a focus on participant safety, we employ a patient-centric approach to conducting clinical research and are guided by the ethical principles that support compassionate patient care