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Global Market Access, Wednesday 24 April 2024

last published: 20/Apr/24 16:35

Global Market Access, Thursday 25 April 2024

Panel discussion
Global Market Access

Access to rare disease medicines in LMICs

Harpreet Ram, President, EVR Consulting
Aki Ko
Global Market Access

The promise of local cell therapy processing

Panel discussion
Charles Schmidt
Global Market Access

Equity in healthcare: Bridging the gap for diverse clinical representation

Panel discussion
Global Market Access

Why Investing in Rare? Innovative Solutions for Health Systems Financing

Rare diseases pose unique challenges to healthcare systems worldwide due to their low prevalence and complex treatment requirements. Traditional financing mechanisms often fail to adequately address the needs of patients with rare diseases, leading to disparities in access to treatment and care. However, innovative solutions are emerging to bridge this gap and ensure equitable access to healthcare for individuals affected by rare diseases. This session will explore the importance of investing in rare diseases and showcase innovative financing strategies that can support health systems in providing comprehensive care to patients with rare diseases.

Roberto Iunes, Senior Health Economist, World Bank
last published: 20/Apr/24 16:35


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