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Chris Griffith, Senior Technology Journalist, The Australian

Chris is senior technology journalist at The Australian newspaper. He is a highly experienced technology journalist, writing across topics including communications, privacy, cybersecurity, social media and big tech, and writing consumer technology reviews. He has had an involvement with the computer industry for 50 years. He was introduced to computers when he learned elementary programming at school in the late 1960s, studied pure mathematics and computer science (then information science) at Monash University, Melbourne, in the early 1970s, working with IBM and Control Data Corporation mainframes. From the mid 1970s to 1980s he worked at TAFE colleges in Victoria and Queensland teaching computer studies and writing computer syllabi before opening a programming business in Brisbane in the mid 1980s. He specialised in networking PCs, providing networked hardware and software solutions to businesses as a cost effective alternative to small mainframes. In the early 1990s he switched careers and indulged his passion for writing, studying journalism at the University of Queensland, subsequently working in print, radio and television, as a researcher, columnist and commentator. He was inaugural editor of the indigenous focussed publication Land Rights Queensland which covered the legal processes offered under the Native Title Act. He joined News Limited in 1997, working various rounds at The Sunday Mail and The Courier-Mail in Brisbane, before moving to The Australian in 2007. In 2010 he joined the technology team at The Australian as a senior technology writer, combining his decades long interest in computers with journalism. He has won numerous journalism awards including for feature writing, and national technology awards as a columnist and consumer affairs writer. He has also been a technology commentator on TV and radio.


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