What are they?

Roundtables are small group discussions focused on a particular topic and directed by a central table host who will guide the conversation and facilitate the questions and answers from the participants. This is not death by power-point –the emphasis is on the discussion and debate among the 20 or so delegates sharing the table at any given time. Swap war stories, ask questions, gain a better understanding and then put it all into practice back in your department or agency.

 How will they work?

The roundtable discussions will run on day one, running as 30 minute topic centric discussions, with three rotations, delegates will have the opportunity to pre-select which tables they would like to attend ahead of the event. With three time slots available, there is something for everyone on offer, allowing you to build your own agenda and tailor the content to suit your enterprise and your job function.

Our delegates enjoy this interactivity and opportunities to share knowledge and a chance to hear what other departments and agencies are up to, which will benefit their organisation. The high-level interactive roundtable format is where delegates can tailor their content in line with their current investment priorities. The roundtable discussion is a platform to confirm and contrast ideas with subject matter experts, understand available solutions, share challenges with peers and make new professional contacts.

 Want to know more?

Watch the video to get an insight into how Roundtables can benefit your business.

Technology in Government Roundtables Video



  2019 Roundtable Topics

Attend 3 x 30 minute discussion roundtables (14:00-14:30, 14:30-15:00 & 15:00-15:30)

Day 1: Round Table Discussions, Tuesday 6 August 2019

Robinson Roe
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 01: Why privacy regulation is great for the public & private sectors

Andrew Ford
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 02: Workshop - Key ingredients in government A.I analytics

An interactive roundtable session that enables attendees to explore four key inputs into successful AI projects. 1. Data, 2. People, 3. Process, 4. Platforms. This session centers the participants thinking around prioritising the requirements for beginning an AI project. Where and what are my data inputs? What skills do I have and what do I need? and what processes need to change? Are just some of the themes we explore in this session. At the end of the session you’ll be equipped with a framework to re-use for your AI projects.
Marcus Vogt
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 03: Identity at Rest and Identity in Motion

  • Identity is at the heart of today's IT services. Be it ordering McDonalds, to paying your bills, identity is used to improve customer experience, security and enable integrations such as digital assistants, etc..
  • To realize the full power of identities, it is important to understand that identities can leverage paradigms from data science (e.g. identity at rest and identity in motion) to deliver more value.
  • How can organizations leverage both identity at rest (authorization & consent) and identity in motion (authentication) to improve both operational simplicity, security and customer experiences.
Neil Ferreira
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 04: Why Cyber - Security Now Affects Both Government & Private Enterprise (both Big and Small organisations)

Julian Fay
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 05: The secure integrated data networks solution - end-to-end encryption for protected networks and shared data; maximum performance and Government certified!

CDM + Senetas

Concerned about network security and data breach protection - Cloud, SaaS, public and private?

High-performance network solutions. Australian government certified encryption security - high-assurance security without compromising performance. Secure network architecture used by the world's most secure organisations.
  • Trusted network integration
  • Certified encryption security
  • Zero management overhead
  • Quantum ready
Aaron Cockerill
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 06: Current threat landscape for mobile devices

Hassan Baickdeli
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 07: Digital Transformation, Security and Compliance and the application in Government

Remaining at the forefront of technology and innovation is crucial for many organisations and Government is no different, the requirement for this not only stems froma desire to enable digital transformation and all the benefits that come with it but to also ensure that imperative elements such as policy and cybersecurity from theend user compute piece right through to the data centre are up-to-date, enabled and compliant.Join Lenovo for an informative and engaging round table covering off identity, device, connectivity and data security from an EUC perspective.
Eban Escott
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 08: Bots That Code: The Continuous Modernisation Playbook

Legacy systems are hurting business agility. Data is often trapped in offline systems meaning visibility across an organisation is limited. Using bots, Codebots can migrate these legacy systems to full stack applications with API documentation. Learn about how you can overcome the pitfalls of legacy and enter a mode of continuous modernisation.
Chip Redden
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 09: Building Intelligent Communities: Opportunities, Challenges & Case Studies

Bruce Young
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 10: How to deliver a workable mobile application on-time and within budget using agile delivery and UX design

As part of its digital strategy, DFAT’s Australian Passport Office (APO) has developed its first mobile application with biometric capabilities to help DFAT staff across its network of posts to digitally capture data using a portable device. The application will improve overall service capabilities, enhance the client experience and strengthen security around identity verification.Join this roundtable to learn and discuss the critical factors that enabled DFAT to go from concept to delivery of a workable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just 6 months using Agile delivery and UX design. We will provide an overview of the project and discuss and share ideas on:
  • Best practices for Going To Market
  • The benefit of keeping contracts lean
  • Agile delivery (Planning / Sprint 0 and execution using 2 week sprints)
  • Challenges around Technology, Testing, Integration, Security, Documentation
  • How to get effective stakeholder engagement
Manvinder Hara
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 11: The X Factor: Why Employee Experience – not Customer Experience – is the next frontier of competitive advantage

Business success hinges on the ability to find and keep competitive advantage. In this regard, it makes sense to build this advantage by leveraging one of your largest (and most expensive) resources: your employees.Yet in a recent Nitro survey, 78% of respondents who did not feel productive at work also felt they weren’t being supported by management.

Where is the disconnect?

Join this intimate Nitro roundtable to discuss with experts and your peers:
  • The impact digital transformation is having on employee experience
  • How to better enable employees to effect change within the organization
  • How some of Australia’s largest government departments are empowering their employees toward change
  • The power of analytics and other tools to drive measurable and lasting change
Demos Gougoulas
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 12: Capture in the age of digital born

Information management and critical record-keeping is quickly transitioning to become a function of the business process as opposed to an obligation at the end of the information life cycle.

This round table discussion will examine the relationship between the current trend in digital transformation and the obligatory governance and compliance requirements on best practice information and records management.
  • Why are digital transformation initiatives not considering records capture?
  • How do we simplify electronic records management and add value to the business processes?
  • What is the difference between Centralised and Decentralised capture?
  • How can we successfully capture records in real time?
  • Whose responsibility is it anyway?
Paul Domoney
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 13: How can cyber consultancy be different? Create structural value for our Customer and not just be a black provider

  • Addressing the cybersecurity skills gap and selecting the right cybersecurity specialist to provide, trusted and structured knowledge transfer as part of your security project.
  • Upskilling your people in your organisation to build cyber-resilience as part of your security engagement.
Jason Duerden
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 14: AI Based Cybersecurity – How to Decouple Legacy from Innovation

  • What is AI in cyber security and what is not, cut through the noise
  • Simplify security operations with a prevention first approach, leveraging AI and machine learning
  • Support, extend and enhance security on legacy infrastructure in a highly cost effective way to enable innovation
Allan Foster
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 15: Managing Data and Trust - The Principles of “Good Identity”

Digital Services have changed how we interact with the world around us from government to local stores and social media. Core to the success of digital services is trust and with it a robust identity strategy. We will explore good identity principals to drive successful digital services with privacy, consent management and security.
Aaron Dinnage
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 16: The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed, with distributed teams, brand-new business models and complex security issues. The right digital tools connect and support government staff, wherever they are to encourage productivity, engagement and collaboration.ASI will be hosting roundtable discussions on the Modern Workplace which will focus on the four key areas:
  • Built for teamwork
  • Unlocks creativity
  • Intelligent security
  • Integrated for simplicity
Presented by ASI Solutions and Microsoft
Jason Lee
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 17: Explore how connected technologies are improving public safety and communication within communities, and how the mobilisation of government is impacting both the state and federal publi

Satian Vasudevan
Day 1: Round Table Discussions

Roundtable 18: Right Data Fuels AI/ML – How do we know what “Right Data is?”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) no longer a buzz word, today it is available within your enterprise, join a conversation around what you need to think about to benefit from AI/ML in your pursuit of Data Analytics.
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