Customer Festival Day 2


Opening remarks from Chair

Mr Joe McEwan

Keynote: Fruitful marketing - an innocent story

-    The many ways Innocent has placed consumers at the heart of the business
-    How a willingness to create interesting campaigns is invaluable to growth
-    Communicating openly and naturally with our customers at every touch point
Mr Geoff Richards

Keynote: Growth Hacking: Renewing your content marketing strategy

-    Getting creative to find low-cost and inventive substitutes for traditional marketing techniques
-    Inexpensively marketing your content effectively to encourage brand growth
-    Not just for start-ups, what established brands can learn from successful growth hackers

Q&A with morning keynotes

10:35 Networking Refreshments & Exhibition Visit




Loyalty World

Mobile's role in membership programmes

-    Understanding how a mobile first approach can be value-adding to your membership program
-    Which mobile features drive customer behaviour changes?
-    How a membership program focused on mobile can drive business growth

Monetizing the customer experience with Real Time Contextual Campaigning (RTCC)

-    Explaining the value add of RTCC systems
-    Enriching customer data with relevant realtime and realtime context information
-    Case study from Telefonica; technical specifications and processes 

Doing social media right

-    What it really takes to build a value-adding social media presence
-    How human can a brand really be on social media?
-    Should a brand’s goal be to position themselves as a consumer’s ‘friend’?
-    Would some brands be better advised to spend on social advertising instead of social content? 
Loyalty World

Busting loyalty myths

- Can loyalty marketing work for high-end brands?
- Does it drive real loyalty, or just give out discount vouchers?
- Is it only for high-frequency retailers?
Ms fcxg gv, sdf, I.C.L.P. Loyalty

Leveraging Social Media to deliver value as a T-function of the business

-    Understanding the breadth of opportunity for a Socially Mature Business
-    Building the right social customer service infrastructure to enable realtime feedback
-    Bringing the customer voice to the table when it comes to Product Marketing, Testing, Feedback & Ideation
-    Driving Social value right across the Customer Lifecycle

Sony Xperia #ChampionsSofa campaign

-    UEFA Champions league sponsorship activation
-    Leverage multi-screen behaviour of football fans
-    Real-time video content distribution and amplification
Loyalty World

Customer loyalty, mobile first

-    Delivering a convenient, relevant and consistent mobile experience to drive customer loyalty is paramount
-    Location aware, personalisation, mobile wallet and push notifications, driving the new mobile experience
-    Apps and mobile experiences offering consumers convenience and utility, driving the biggest amounts of loyalty among consumers

How brands can leverage the Self data approach to prevent disruption

-    Concern over dis-intermediation by Facebook and Google and their wealth of data
-    Empowering users to gather their own data and keep it under control
-    Enabling businesses to have a rich relationship with their customers by interacting with more data than Google and Facebook
-    Examples of what brands are already doing with this new "self-data" approach 

Influencer marketing on social media

-    Constructing an effective social media influencer marketing strategy
-    Ensuring that your investment in social media influencers is both authentic and on-brand
-    Scaling your investment in social influencers

12:15 Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit


Adrian Swinscoe

Tapping on word of mouth: Is it all about the experience?

-    Getting people talking about your product
-    The link between customer experience and loyalty
-    What it takes to move from loyalty to advocacy
Hannah Rustin

Customer engagement - it's not just about the product and price

-    Encouraging customers to interact with you beyond the purchase
-    The shift towards understanding customer outcomes
-    Providing a service that keeps consumers coming back to you for more
Mr Andrew Tenzer

Understanding the science of engagement with native content

-    What we’ve learned about trust in native advertising
-    What are the key tips to being authentic in brand stories?
-    What that means for how we tell brand stories 
Rachel Kerr

How social customer feedback can shape your business

-    Why listening matters - data around how you can turn negativity into advocacy and grow loyalty
-    Sources of social feedback 
-    What do businesses need to think about to ensure they are responding in an appropriate way?
-    Who is using social feedback well
-    What businesses need to think about in order to react 
-    What could the future look like?
Jonathan Herman

The evolving landscape of marketing how brands are embracing mobile

-    Why paid social media is essential for e-commerce
-    Conceptualising social strategy as an e-commerce driven effort
-    Examining the right approach for success for e-commerce
-    How will instant messaging change customer interactions?
-    Immersive experiences and what that means for retailers

15:10 Close of Europe's Customer Festival

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