Google   "... Very interesting companies that you've invited - I think the attendees are a very mixed group..."

Waitrose "... I really like the themed feel of the conference, that's absolutely great - a lot more interesting and less sterile than other conferences..." 

Cineworld "... I've had four or five conversations today that on another day I just wouldn't have had ..."

Subway EIPC  "... I love the range of speakers and I like the fact it's five things in one which means people can personalise their own journey..."

Homebase "... Some of the keynote speeches were brilliant..."

The LateRooms Group "... It's great to meet other people and share their views and interests and thoughts on things. It helps to widen my perspective..."

British Gas "...I like meeting people who are in this field... it's speaking to them about what they're doing, how they're engaging the customers and what's the latest and greatest ..."

Channel 4 "... The speakers have been very good and the networking opportunity has been very very good as well ..."

Statoil USA "...It combines analytics with big data, it looks at loyalty, it looks at mobile payment solutions... it's a big advantage over other types of seminars ..."