Customer Festival Day 1

Keynote Plenary


Opening remarks from Organisers

Alex Mead

Chairperson’s opening remarks; an introduction to customer experience

-    It’s a shared responsibility 
-    Moving towards continuous conversations 
-    Changing the company culture from the top down
Ms Anna Kirah

Keynote: Customer experience and people centric culture as brand differentiators

-    Creating a people-centric culture
-    How this feeds through into improved customer experiences, and meaningful service design 
-    Thinking customer-first and not brand-first
Mr Jean-Philippe Marazzani

Keynote: Successfully optimising customer lifetime value

-    Increasing customer experience through the integration of digital technology
-    Development of CRM and data infrastructure to provide a single customer view across all touch points
-    Merging a digital and offline vision of the customer
-    Are your customers’ insights channeling your processes?

Q&A Session

10:25 Networking Refreshments, Speed Networking & Exhibition Visit





Loyalty World

Justifying loyalty investments

-    Establishing the right business expectations of your loyalty strategy
-    Accounting correctly for costs
-    Understanding the real value of loyalty – do you do it for the data collection or the sales lift?

Making your brand (more) priceless

-    Why having an authentic brand promise and 'living it' are critical
-    When making customers 'long and belong' at the same time elevates your brand
-    How to seduce rather than sell and get a premium in return

Understanding how analytics is supposed to work

-    Examining why marketing analytics is so difficult
-    Understanding what analytics can and cannot accurately show you about your strategy
-    Understanding how to tie marketing strategy to revenue
-    Understanding what can and cannot be accomplished by marketing analytics

Making your digital advertising spend effective

-    Understanding the underlying assumptions which inform ad targeting algorithms
-    Overcoming the ‘I was going to buy it anyways’ bias
-    Understanding the motivations for investing in digital advertising
Loyalty World

The changing face of customer loyalty

-    Understanding the changing needs of your customers
-    Enhancing their customer engagement

How to bring the human back

-    How to create organisational change with customers at the centre
-    Using design as a process
-    The importance of empathy
-    Being truly omni-channel and human-first

Transforming your big data strategy

-    Understanding the importance of knowing your customer
-    Discussing the use of agile analytics that will transform your company’s Big Data Strategy
-    Examining how to liberate data and insight across the organisation to ensure enterprise wide optimization

Understanding price setting in programmatic

-    Understanding potential sources of conflict of interest
-    Understanding what marketers can do to eradicate conflict of interest
-    Ensuring maximum neutrality in media placement
Loyalty World

Panel: Your loyalty strategy – can your “programme” buy or even predict loyalty?

-    To what extent are rewards enough to ensure repeat visits?
-    How should you adjust your programme to reflect marketplace influence?
-    How can you ensure the success of your strategy?
-    Are you using and collecting data appropriately to ensure relevance?
-    Would a coalition programme ensure a quick win into customer loyalty?

Panel: Self-service and the changing role of human involvement

-    How willing are customers to tolerate self-service?
-    At what point does self-service start harming the brand?
-    If self-service is an economic necessity, how do you encourage active participation by customers?
-    Is human contact in customer experience overrated?

Turning CRM into a £1bn sales driver – How eBay transformed the scale of CRM’s contribution

-    How should you structure your CRM organisation to get the most out of it
-    The CRM operating cycle
-    How to incorporate analytics       
-    Why thinking like the customer is important

‘Data is the new soil’ (to grow TV revenues from)

-    The Channel 4 data story explained
-    How data has fuelled innovation in video content
-    Viewing effects, advertiser return and the future of branded content

Mass targeting and segmentation at scale

-    How analytics helps marketers target and optimise beyond what would be possible through human hands
-    Changing marketing budgets: How margins for error have reduced and penalties for inefficiency have increased
-    Understanding how to determine the best segmentation method for your business
-    Understanding how analytics allows marketers to go beyond foundational segmentation to targeting segmentation

Thinking of advertising as entertainment

-    Why advertising as entertainment is an old concept but is now more relevant than ever
-    How becoming storytellers will help raise the bar in advertising
-    Understanding the changing role of creative, media and PR agencies in creating quality content

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Loyalty World

Expanding your portfolio through new partnerships

-    How Norwegian Reward works and how we are different from other airline loyalty schemes
-    Selecting the right partners to work with
-    Establishing the right mix of partnerships for your members 

Driving omni-channel strategies from a brand and marketing perspective

-    Understanding the discrepancies through your customer touchpoints
-    Integrating your branding across all channels
-    Going the DIY route with technology – how marketing can avoid giving the IT department more work

Gaining a single customer view

-    Integrating various data sets to construct a single reality
-    Democratising the use of data so your entire organisation is empowered to collect it and benefit from it
-    Organising teams across the company to provide a holistic view of the customer

How to generate, aggregate and distribute content in the age of social commerce

-    Reaching new and younger audiences by using social platforms differently
-    How do you find the balance between engaging new fans whilst retaining existing audiences?
-    Managing a wide audience across all demographics
Loyalty World

Making your loyalty programme easy and enjoyable to use

-    Simplifying your loyalty programme
-    Evaluating the right method of delivery: How should you allow customers to track their rewards?
-    Reducing friction across all touchpoints

Mobile First customer service

-    Going from digital to mobile and personalisation
-    Using innovative digital solutions and apps to create a personalised, world class service
-    Thinking on a personal level, in exciting digital ways; the Guide Online

Understanding consumer data concerns

-    Understanding what you’re allowed to collect and use
-    Balancing data collection with sensible use: How targeted can your marketing be?
-    Protecting consumer data from misuse
-    Creating an effective disclosure policy 

Understanding the role of brand voice in content marketing

-    Understanding what your brand truly stands for
-    Using that understanding to craft a ‘voice’ that informs all your content across paid, owned and earned media
-    Becoming like a publisher: Creating content with editorial value to your key consumers
Loyalty World

Customer segmentation and customer centric retailing to boost loyalty

-    Analysing the breadth of a vast customer base and their behaviour in customer ecosystem
-    Developing an action plan for each segmentation
-    Utilising a mobile app to track customer behaviour and responding in real time with offers for retention 

The future of customer engagement through content marketing

-    What part does content marketing play in the customer lifecycle?
-    How Content Marketing is evolving to Content Design
-    The importance of Trust in your customer engagement strategy

Back to reality: don't forget the consumer

-    How to see what consumers do, not what they say they do
-    Using the consumer to generate ideas in language and behaviour
-    Big Human. Not just big data
-    Watching the right people - don't hate the haters
-    Spotting visual and verbal clues
-    Communicating insights across business

Understanding how viral content actually goes viral

-    Understanding why you can’t push a button and expect virality
-    Understanding why things go viral when they do
-    Creating the best content you can, and setting it up for easy sharing
Loyalty World

Taking loyalty beyond points and prizes

- Seven key learnings from the recent launch of a retail programme that uses an entirely new approach
- How money-can’t-buy rewards can entice customers and save companies from endless discounting
- Aligning with the brand values and making the programme “whole business”

Understanding customers through technical innovation

-    Combatting inefficient long call times
-    Future orientated, face-to-face ways of communicating with customers  
-    Document sharing with customers for a better understanding of your service

Leveraging psychological insights to reach customers and keep them coming back

-    Understanding the needs of each and every customer
-    How to leverage this insight to reach customers more effectively 
-    Increase conversions, retention, order values and frequency of return visits

How to tell if your content is letting you down!

Marketers plan to spend even more on content this year and next, and yet many continue to make some basic mistakes in terms of presentation, messaging, voice, ideation and planning. The good news is that if you get some of the key things right, you’ll get an edge on the competition.

Emily Shelley, managing director at Sticky Content, shows you the 5 signs you may be losing your audience and missing out on opportunities for success – and what you can do to fix them. You’ll come away knowing how the best content marketers do it, and get a free set of templates to help your content shine (not suck).

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round tables


Participants will be invited to sign up to their table of choice. Moderators will give a short presentation around the specified topic, followed by facilitated discussion.
  • 1) Emotional vs. transactional loyalty
  • Laura Ramsell

    Laura Ramsell, Head of Clubcard Proposition & Brand, Tesco

  • 10) Bringing Big Data to life; Adding the behavioral perspective
  • Liraz Margalit

    Liraz Margalit, Web Psychologist and Director of Behavioral Analytics, Clicktale

  • 11) Using design tools and methodologies to get to the heart of a customer problem
  • Nathaniel Giraitis

    Nathaniel Giraitis, Insights and Strategy Associate Director, Smart Design

  • 12) Taking loyalty beyond points and prizes
  • Nick Fletcher

    Nick Fletcher, Strategy Director, I.C.L.P. Loyalty

  • 2) The rise of AI in marketing
  • Mr Jonathan Seal

    Mr Jonathan Seal, Strategy Director, Mando

  • 3) Finding the right talent for data analytics amongst retail brands
  • Mr Patrick Osborne

    Mr Patrick Osborne, Head of Customer Insights & Analysis, Q.V.C.

  • 5) Measuring ROI from mobile campaigns
  • Rob Wood

    Rob Wood, Head of Online and Digital, The Entertainer

  • 6) How is technology interfering with the customer experience?
  • Johan Ydring

    Johan Ydring, Head of Media, TUI Nordic

  • 7) Justifying experiential loyalty and creating VIPs
  • Mr Peter Eliot

    Mr Peter Eliot, C.R.M. and Loyalty Manager, Accor

  • 8) Connecting the dots: bridging the gap between online shoppers and store associates
  • Mr Adam Levene

    Mr Adam Levene, Founder and CEO, Hero

    Keynote Plenary

    Mr Nathan Ansell

    Keynote: Driving engagement and lifetime value in today’s customer

    -    Leveraging insight from members in an innovative way
    -    Providing a personalised brand experience with tailor made offers
    -    Combining the best of traditional customer service and retail technology to bring an exclusive experience at scale
    Bia Bezamat

    How problem solving is more important than retail theatrics

    -    Loyalty doesn’t result from immersive experiences
    -    Customer loyalty can be achieved through anticipation of customer needs
    -    Using technology to achieve efficient problem solving through all customer interaction channels

    Q&A Session

    17:45 All attendees are invited to join a networking drinks reception in the exhibition area

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