Startup Plus

SODA transforms the automotive industry by making Vehicle Software Engineering 2x faster with 4x less cost, with no compromise on quality, safety, and security.

“We are building the future of automotive, today. I see the world where a brand-new vehicle model can be brought to life with just a few clicks” — Sergey Malygin, CEO.

SODA created SDK Kit – the world's first ready-to-use kit to make a Software Defined Vehicle.

SODA SDK Kit allows automakers to develop software for vehicle 2x faster, with 4x less cost, without any compromises on quality, safety, and security.

SODA SDK Kit enables:

  • Innovation in Design & Development process
  • Features diversity and personalization
  • E/E Architecture: Zonal Architecture and Central ECU
  • Continuous improvement and seamless Software Updates
  • Software reuse across different vehicles
  • Improved quality assurance with early integration and virtual testing
  • Quality, Safety, Cybersecurity
  • Ecosystem & Collaboration
  • AI and Digital Twin

SODA SDK Kit guarantees the fastest, most cost-effective path to Software Defined Vehicle.