'Automotive-Lite: Inclusive minimobility - liberating the road ahead'.

'Cargo e-bike width and congestion-busting, small van capability'.

As personal computers and smart-phones inclusively democratised communications, we do the same for Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) by reducing known barriers, helping accelerate and unlock adoption of unfulfilled potential.

All the comfort, speed and convenience of cars, plus additional advantages of parking/congestion-busting, affordability and high centre of gravity tolerance with large diameter wheels for safety.

Stryker is an ambitious, innovative, UK based technology developer SME. Our vision is to positively incentivise habitual drivers to move away from congestion/pollution causing cars, vans, taxis, right-sizing vehicle and batteries for 65-90% of one and two person road journeys. Tilting trailer can extend carrying capacity. Larger vehicles may be used or hired for the remaining trips.

A new-generation family of frugal vehicle types is enabled by our unique, patent-granted, proprietary, scalable, modular platform automotive suspension, steering and drivetrain systems.

Tech is vehicle power-source agnostic, so future-proofed. Vehicle may optionally be manually, or remote driven (tele-operated), or autonomous, or unmanned.

Increased efficiency of resources and time, reduced road congestion, journey times, road rage, in-use and through-life GHG, CO2, NOx, SOx, PM2.5 emissions (including from brake and tyre wear) versus cars and vans, by resetting car size.

Close alignment with UN SDGs;

SDG3 Good health and wellbeing; zero local emissions, tyre noise only, reduce 'road rage' helping physical and mental health outcomes.

SDG7 Affordable clean-energy; potential for battery-swapping from genuinely 100% renewable energy partnership.

SDG8 Decent work/economic growth; reinforcing European/UK competitiveness, encouraging sustainable economic growth whilst improving quality of jobs.

SDG11 Sustainable cities/communities; renewable and potentially off-grid electricity supply for vehicle power source.

SDG12 Responsible consumption/production; long service-life, smaller vehicles reducing environmental-impact in manufacture, end-of-life, reducing materials used.

SDG 13 Climate-action; reducing power use versus cars and vans, eliminating tailpipe and reducing all other emissions including PM2.5.