ProBvision ltd is a startup founded in 2020 with an aim to create power-efficient and wearable AI cameras that enable critical health emergencies, security, and road safety monitoring applications.

Our first product Safe Edge camera is an easy-to-carry AI security camera and pocket-size AI personnel computer with dual thermal and optical sensors that can help constantly monitor people's health, protect business assets, detect early emergencies and significantly improve driver road safety. Our camera and IoT system are mainly built on edge computing technology to solve many critical issues that exist in current cloud-based security systems like privacy protection, data security, low latency, and well-organized data without an additional monthly subscription cost. Our cameras with quality thermal sensors are robust to maintain security compliance in any lighting conditions.

Our second product Safepro AI PIN , the world’s first wearable serverless edge AI camera and portable computer with dual sensors (64MP optical sensor and optional thermal), over 10+ hours of battery life, 512GB storage, weighing under 100g, can obviate the need for carrying action cameras, laptops, and mobile phones during travel while delivering advanced AI road safety applications that generate proactive emergency voice alerts and offer a 4G SIM facility for automated SMS and calling.

Our mission is to meaningfully contribute to improving human lives by building robust, affordable, and scalable AI software solutions on our own custom design, and high-quality edge devices at competitive prices.

We are aspirants about building strong personal health, road safety, and security monitoring device that is a clear alternative to many existing wearable simple health IoT devices. Our first priority is to build AI use cases that protect vulnerable people like elders, children, physically challenged people, critical patients (diabetics, Alzheimer's disease, cancer patients, etc.), buisnessmans, CEO and other executives.