Born in Modena Park 2017 (223,000 viewers or customers), it is the Italian leader in mobility and transport engineering for mass events. We collaborate with companies (B2B), public administrations (B2G) and promoters (B2B2C) to create events. We have served over 3,000,000 customers in 2023.

Consulting| ParkForFun designs engineering solutions for mobility for events with more than 50,000 spectators in a systematic way, making use of innovative and sustainable solutions tested in the field. Technologies | ParkForFun is integrated into the FlexyMob solution, with which we create the white label solution intended to serve spectators or customers. Our solution is integrated with the main ZTL systems (LEZ - ZTR), API barrier access systems, and remote sanctioning systems.

Operations | ParkForFun is operational on the ground with its own experts and local staff, in order to execute the designed plan. We don’t leave the customer on their own!

Environmental | ESG | ParkForFun is capable of reducing access times to car parks by 75% with a consequent saving of 30% on CO2 emissions (calculated in 2023). We give back the complete report of the event for the ESG balance to our partners.