Manta Ray EV


Mobula Ray EV - led by 3 outstanding founders - is a peer-to-peer digital marketplace that connects EV drivers with private resdiential and business charging point hosts, addressing the scarcity and uneven distribution of charging infrastructure. 

Our platform targets high EV adoption in international markets and aims to increase EV mass adoption to reach carbon climate change targets.

Our defined audience includes EV drivers seeking accessible charging options and private residential and business charging point owners looking to monetize their infrastructure. 

Mobula Ray EV solves the problem of charging point availability by integrating public and private networks into a seamless, user-friendly platform.

Mobula Ray EV's secret sauce includes user and charge point verification to create a Trusted Platform and Simplified Charging Experience where driver swipes NFC Tag attached to car and Mobula Ray EV connects to the car to start, stop and measure kWh of the charge. We have seamless contactless payment system where driver pays host directly, AI-based dynamic price guidance, and personalized route planner. It fosters a user-driven community with in-app rewards, membership voting rights, and platform governance participation.

The time is now to enter this market with a trusted platform and simplified charging experience set to propel the mass EV adoption to another level.