Hawkins & Associates


With over 100 experts across the UK & Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, specialising in more than 60 different disciplines, Hawkins provides forensic investigation and root cause analysis services for the insurance, legal and risk management professions.
Our services include: 
  • Pre-loss risk management:  Reducing the risk your assets will experience a failure.  
  • Forensic Investigation:  Investigating the root cause of an accident directly for you or your insurers to understand why it happened, how it can be prevented and your level of liability.  
  • Expert Witness Services:  Acting as the independent expert in litigation and alternative dispute mechanisms.  
  • Post-loss advice:  Reducing the risk of recurrence and improving processes.  
Hawkins is an industry leader with proven expertise and practical experience, married with a real awareness of our clients’ needs. Our team of forensic engineers and scientists investigate a wide range of losses including road traffic accidents, personal injuries, fires & explosions, mechanical engineering, contamination issues and many more.

We have the largest group of Road Traffic Collision investigators in the UK, including some forensic engineers with over 30 years’ experience. Their detailed engineering knowledge of how vehicles operate and behave is invaluable when providing forensic engineering, scene and vehicle examination services to identify the causes of a collision or thermal event.  Our investigators can carry out a desktop analysis, as well as a full reconstruction, enabling an accurate assessment of liability.
If you think you might have the need for an investigator, you can contact us for a free consultation to discuss how best we can support you. Contact - Hawkins Forensic Investigation