GeDy TrAss


GeDy TrAss is an innovative startup, spin off of Politecnico di Torino, which develops a software to speed up and improve the design of mechanical gear transmissions. Using a deep knowledge of the problems and patented numerical techniques, the software is capable of providing more accurate results than the state of the art in a drastically reduced time.

GeDy TrAss provides engineers with a software that allows to design a transmission in detail and quickly. Through the possibility of quickly generating a layout of a transmission, verifying the different meshes according to ISO standards and evaluating in detail the contact pressures, the load sharing factor and the static transmission error. By means of patented numerical techniques it is also possible in a short time to evaluate all the dynamic loads generated by the transmission in order to correctly size the gear, bearings, shafts and casing.

The software shortens the time to market of a gearbox, because it allows to study in an accurate but quick way all the possible working conditions of a gearbox.

Nowadays, a gearbox design requires months for a proper assessment, because the strategies and the modelling software require a lot of time for setting the model and solving it. GeDy TrAss software easily and in few minutes allows the construction of the model. With a fully parametric approach, it allows to assess different gearbox variants and assess their behaviour in few hours of calculation (nowadays some dynamic calculations require many weeks for having results).

GeDy TrAss software is implementing the continuous research work results because the main components of the teams are professors at Politecnico di Torino.

GeDy TrAss is capable to shortly model the gearbox, to make the design parametric. It allows to manage quickly many layouts and evaluate possible working condition of the gearbox. GeDy TrAss does that not only quickly but also with higher accuracy. A patented non linear and non Hertzian strategy allows to take into account the actual misalignment of the elements, the actual edge contact and help to define the proper micro-modification of the tooth for establish a more durable and efficient gearbox. GeDy TrAss is the unique software capable to compute the actual Static Transmission Error and contact patch of a pair of gear mating considering all the involved flexibilities (gears, teeth, shaft, bearings, casing) in less then 20 minutes. The patented numerical techniques implemented in GeDy allow to test the design gearbox in many operative conditions, taking into account the effects of all the elements (gears, shaft, bearings, casing...) just in few hours and not months.

All those elements are going to be implemented in a SAAS solution, making available the software to everyone that needs without big economical effort in buying specific license. So both companies and professional engineers can achieve high results just paying on their own need. In the same time, they have the possibility to made accurate calculations that are not so easy to access in different way.