Future Driver


Future Driver is an All-in-one Fleet and Service Management system. We aim to simplify, improve, and sustain daily transport and logistics operations. Our vision is to revolutionize the industry by leveraging technology to create seamless, eco-friendly solutions.

We have developed a growing ecosystem that includes logistics and transport companies, workshops, and drivers. This interconnected network enhances visibility and efficiency, ensuring that every component works harmoniously.

Our platform offers a variety of modules designed to address the common challenges faced by the transport and logistics sector:

  • Equipment Management: Comprehensive tracking and reporting of all equipment.
  • Service Management: Schedule and manage all vehicle maintenance activities
  • Yard Management: Enhance yard operations with advanced management tools.
  • Vehicle Registration and Document Module: Streamline the documentation process for vehicle management.
  • Tire Management Module: Detailed monitoring and maintenance of tires.
  • Workshop Module with Booking: Book and track workshop services efficiently.
  • Trailer Trip Management: Optimize the management and tracking of trailerpools
  • Time and Mileage Registration: Accurately record the time and distance covered by all vehicles.
  • Trip and Task Registration: Manage both internal and external tasks and trips seamlessly.
  • QR Code Module: Simplify management of equipment, equipment documents and services using QR codes.
  • Gamification Point System: Engage and incentivize users with a points-based system to promote efficient practices.

Future Driver is positioned to tap into a rapidly growing market. With significant investments planned, we aim to expand our presence in the Nordic region and beyond, targeting a total addressable market worth billions in the European market.