Dreamwaves is revolutionizing the way people navigate, making it seamless and intuitive for everyone, including blind people, urban bike riders, and the elderly. Our pioneering products, waveOut and waveIn, utilize cutting-edge spatial audio and advanced augmented reality technology to deliver the best audio navigation experience. With waveOut, outdoor navigation becomes a breeze, allowing users to follow 3D sounds without the need to constantly look at a screen. Extending this innovation, waveIn offers an exceptional solution for indoor navigation challenges.

While our user-friendly apps serve individual consumers, our primary focus is on B2B partnerships, offering robust solutions to businesses across various industries. Dreamwaves provides a robust B2B offering, enabling companies to integrate audio navigation into their products through our SDK. Additionally, businesses can create their own branded navigation apps with ease, leveraging our technology. Our approach is unique – we combine spatial audio, AR, and inclusive design to offer navigation solutions that are both accessible and innovative, ensuring everyone can navigate the world safely and independently.