Consenz International


Consenz is on a mission to upgrade the digital interface of any car. We empower drivers using cool, appealing, and modern technology to upgrade any car, anywhere. Modern driver support tools should not be a privilege only for the ones who can afford a new luxury car, it should be accessible to everyone - Democratizing road safety.

A connected, fully voice assisted Head-up Display (HUD) makes it possible to access all functions you need and want from your cell phone while driving, without ever taking it out of your pocket. A dash camera scans the road ahead and provides valuable data for service innovation. The dedicated connectivity offers wi-fi to passengers and enables Over-the-air (OTA) updates, so you always have access to the latest technology and services. 5G and C-V2X are just around the corner.

The open platform thinking, allows partners to co-innovate with us or for them to run their services as is on our platform, benefitting from Consenz's intuitive driver UI, based on behavioral design principles. It allows our customers to continuously enjoy new and enhanced services, making driving both more comfortable and safe. And this, thanks to the OTA capability, without ever having to visit a workshop for upgrades.

Consenz will save lives by empowering drivers, individually and collectively, focusing on user friendliness and comfort.