Our company, Brighterbikes, is committed to enhancing safety for cyclists globally through the development of two innovative products:

  1. Firefly: Firefly is a versatile, wireless indicating system designed for cyclists. With a remarkable battery life of over 20 hours before requiring recharging, Firefly incorporates a built-in movement sensor that activates the brake light, further enhancing safety.

  2. CargoBright: CargoBright is a customized wired indicating system specifically engineered to provide cyclists with improved visibility on the road. Offering left and right indicating functions, along with braking and an additional running light, CargoBright is entirely customizable to meet the unique requirements of individual users.

Our Greater Goal: The application of electronic indicating and braking extends beyond traditional bicycles, encompassing a wide range of two, three, and four-wheel cycles. This includes tandems, disability bikes, trikes, electric bikes, and the burgeoning market of commercial cargo bikes—all of which are ideally suited for both wired and wireless indicating and braking systems.

Consider the challenges faced by riders attempting hand signals while navigating fully-laden cargo bikes—it's a hazardous maneuver. Brighterbikes is addressing this issue through the ingenuity of our design team, which is currently exploring the implementation of simple and secure LED strip light indicating and braking solutions tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of these cycles.

Prepare for the future of cycling safety with Firefly and CargoBright—innovative solutions that redefine safety standards for cyclists.