Ryan Krause | Head of School
Singapore Intercultural Schools South Jakarta

Ryan Krause, Head of School, Singapore Intercultural Schools South Jakarta

Ryan Krause is a luminary in the international educational landscape, serving as the Head of School at SIS South Jakarta, within the SIS Group of Schools. This highly regarded Pre-K - 12 international school prides itself on delivering a unique tri-curricular programme that mirrors Ryan's visionary leadership in education. With a rich career spanning almost 30 years across the United Kingdom, Africa, and Asia, Ryan embodies a global outlook on educational practices and leadership, deeply informed by his extensive experiences across diverse cultures and educational systems.   His journey in the field of education is marked by almost two decades of committed leadership in international educational roles, complemented by a significant tenure in corporate training & development and talent management at executive level. This eclectic mix of expertise makes Ryan an authoritative voice in discussions on educational innovation and leadership, especially in the realms of digital transformation and cultural change.   In an age where technology is ever-present, Ryan has pioneered a unique approach at SIS South Jakarta, part of the SIS Group of Schools, establishing a mobile-free environment. This policy ensures that students engage with technology in a way that is balanced and purposeful, avoiding the pitfalls of distraction associated with mobile technology. Ryan holds a strong conviction that while technology is indispensable in enhancing educational delivery, the essence of meaningful and impactful learning is fundamentally human.   He advocates a holistic strategy for incorporating technology into education, emphasizing the need to provide teachers, parents, and students with essential training, support, and guidance. This approach is pivotal for managing the change process effectively, ensuring a smooth transition and wide acceptance of new technologies within the school community.   Ryan’s efforts to maintain a balance between technology use and human interaction in education serve as a guiding example for institutions navigating the digital transformation journey, underscoring the importance of keeping the human element at the forefront of educational innovation.  


EDUtech Asia 2024 Conference Day 1 @ 17:20

Panel – Fostering cultural change and stakeholder buy-in for digital transformation

  • Encouraging open discussion among stakeholders to overcome resistance to change
  • Creating a positive and supportive environment that encourages innovation and experimentation
  • Capacity building and professional development to navigate change
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