Nick Hutton | Regional Director, Asia
D2L Asia Pte Ltd | Australia

Nick Hutton, Regional Director, Asia, D2L Asia Pte Ltd

Nick has been living and working in Asia for the past 29 years. Originally from the UK, he started his working life in Asia with Apple Computer. Following Apple, Nick moved into the telco industry, working for a number of global telco vendors across Asia Pacific. In 2008 he became CEO of a fully online Business School in Singapore, Universitas 21 Global, partnering with 21 of the world’s leading research-intensive universities. Nick is currently a Regional Director at D2L which created Brightspace, the learning platform that is recognised globally as the #1 LMS Technology for Next-Gen Online Teaching and Learning


EduTECH Asia 2019 - Workshop Day @ 13:24

Implementing a Next Gen LMS into your School / Higher Education Institution [W10], Level 3, Room No, 323, [SOLD OUT]

In this two hour workshop learn how to breakdown the selection, adoption, evaluation and implementation process of a NextGen LMS system. Participants will explore how to assess the right LMS platform that aligns with institutional goals, technology infrastructure and requirements of the stakeholders from lecturers to students. Also, get a deep dive into transitioning and migration of an existing LMS system.

last published: 06/Nov/19 06:46 GMT

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