Dariush Saheli | Head of Seria (principal)
International School Brunei, Seria

Dariush Saheli, Head of Seria (principal), International School Brunei, Seria

I am a lifelong learner from Scotland (where it is always sunny) and a Head of School (Campus Principal) in Brunei. I thrive on embracing vulnerability and believe that true growth lies in curiosity. With a balanced portfolio of international experience and education both in the private and public sectors, I am always up for a challenge. My strongest skill sets probably are in starting up schools, securing efficiencies, obtaining accreditations, and developing others. Throughout my career, I have led sustainable development, improvement, and evaluation internationally. Notably, during my time in India, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead the Kerala Cambridge International Community, where I established teaching and learning communities and worked with many senior leaders to realize their potential and develop the Indian National Education Policy. One of my proudest achievements to date is securing the Education & Business World School #1 Rank in the city of Kochi and #1 in the state of Kerala for 2022-23 whilst working as a senior leader in GEMS. This accomplishment reflects my commitment to evidence-based education. I have a deep-rooted passion for sustainism, an ideology that emphasizes sustainable development and the harmonious integration and circularity of nature. By incorporating this ethos into my work, I strive to create education systems that not only empower the next generation to path find and change make but also contribute positively to our planet. I am constantly exploring ways to design school spaces for learning that foster creativity, critical thinking, and sustainable practices- this has been central to my work in ISB Seria. I thrive on the satisfaction of navigating uncharted territories and bringing institutions to their full potential- I am motivated to create thriving and transformative learning. I like to get my hands on and dirty. It depends on the day but Ken Robinson is probably my favourite. I cannot claim to be an expert but I am falling increasingly in love with open-ended and free-flowing Early Years pedagogy. More than anything, I believe in the unlimited and infinite potential of every child. Dariush 


EDUtech Asia 2024 Conference Day 2 @ 14:35

Panel – Putting learners first: making wellbeing a priority

  • Balancing academics and wellness
  • Leveraging technology for learner well-being
  • Collaboration for holistic support: partnerships between educators and parents
last published: 05/Jun/24 08:15 GMT

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