8-9 November 2023 - Conference & Exhibition

7 November 2023 - Pre-event workshops

Sands Expo, Singapore


Inspiration in Education

Check out the highlights from our 2022 event



Asia’s largest conference and exhibition for educators and EdTech providers

EDUtech_Asia is back in person, in Singapore, November 7-9, 2023

Be inspired by 350 speakers across 7 stages covering K-12, Higher Ed, classroom technology, digital curriculum and digital leadership.

Be inspired by 200 of the worlds leading education technology players and a further 150 edtech startups who’re showcasing the latest edtech solutions.








EdTech startups






Dedicated stages for K-12 and Higher Ed


Digital Strategy 
Teaching and Learning
Marketing and Admissions

Higher Ed

Digital Strategy 
Teaching and Learning 
Marketing and Admissions


Our 2022 speakers


  • Emmanuel Bernet at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Emmanuel Bernet
    Educational Psychology & Technology Adviser
    International French School Singapore
    Kristie Chen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kristie Chen
    Head Professional Learning and Technology
    Raffles Institution
    Craig Considine at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Craig Considine
    Chief Executive Officer
    Tanglin Trust School
  • Andy Hancock at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Andy Hancock
    Director of Education, Asia
    Cognita Schools
    Joh Liang Hee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Joh Liang Hee
    Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President
    Sing-Ed Global Schoolhouse Pte. Ltd.
    Adrian Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Adrian Lim
    Director of Education Services
    Methodist Preschools
  • Tim Lovatt at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tim Lovatt
    Head of Digital Learning
    United World College of SE Asia
    Melissa Maria at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Melissa Maria
    Global Indian International School, SMART Campus Punggol
    Mohanasundram (Kumar) Muniandy at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mohanasundram (Kumar) Muniandy
    Director of IT Services
    Panyathip International School
  • Matthew Scott at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Matthew Scott
    Middleton International School
    Daniela Silva at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Daniela Silva
    District Head of Learning Innovation
    Education in Motion
    Paul Wilson at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Paul Wilson
    Director, Public Sector (Asia)
    Google Cloud
  • Kelly Somerville at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kelly Somerville
    Assistant Head (Diversity & Development)
    Australian International School, Singapore
    Aurelius Yeo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Aurelius Yeo
    Head Of Educational Technology
    School of Science & Technology
    Najelaa Shihab at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Najelaa Shihab
    Sekolah Murid Merdeka
  • Kylie Colvin at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kylie Colvin
    Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
    University of Nottingham Malaysia
    Ojat Darojat at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ojat Darojat
    Universitas Terbuka
    Jonathan Foo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jonathan Foo
    Associate Faculty & Course Lead, Principal Investigator, XR Media Lab
    Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Hew Gill at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hew Gill
    Associate Provost
    Sunway Education Group
    Vinitha Guptan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Vinitha Guptan
    Saito University College
    Anita Kuan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anita Kuan
    Deputy Principal
    Temasek Polytechnic
  • Trissa Manalastas-Menardo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Trissa Manalastas-Menardo
    Chief Strategy Officer
    PHINMA Education
    Alvin Soliman Miclat at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alvin Soliman Miclat
    Academic Software Development Head
    Bina Bangsa School
    Arvinder Singh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Arvinder Singh
    Director, Ashoka Centre for Well-Being
    Ashoka University
  • Mabel Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mabel Tan
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    UCSI College
    Ming Fai Tang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ming Fai Tang
    Director, IT Services
    Temasek Polytechnic
    Alyanna Tobias at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alyanna Tobias
    Instructional Designer
    STI Education Services Group, Inc.
  • John Collick at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    John Collick
    Head of International Education Strategy
    Promethean Ltd
    Richard Dyer at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Richard Dyer
    Dover Court international school
    Lee Drury at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lee Drury
    Group Head of Technology Implementation
  • Augusto Gion Fabella at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Augusto Gion Fabella
    Vice-President for Quality, Linkages, and Technology-Enabled Learning
    Jose Rizal University
    Kevin Mauritson at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kevin Mauritson
    Executive Director
    Saint John Mary International School
    Haifa Segeir at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Haifa Segeir
    Perkumpulan Sekolah SPK Indonesia
  • Gaurava Yadav at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Gaurava Yadav
    Founder & Moderator
    Indian Principals Network
    Anand Chawla at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anand Chawla
    Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    Podar Education Network
    Pepita Gunawan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pepita Gunawan
    Founder and Managing Director
    REFO Indonesia
  • Jinghong Low at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jinghong Low
    Deputy Director, Centre for Lifelong Education and Learning Innovation
    Multimedia University
    Venky Shankararaman at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Venky Shankararaman
    Vice Provost (Education)
    Singapore Management University
    Paul Swanson at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Paul Swanson
    Director Of Digital Learning
    Stamford American School
  • Rupa Vasudevan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Rupa Vasudevan
    Bharatiya Engineering Science and Technology Innovation University
    Lincoln Wang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lincoln Wang
    Chief Operating Officer
    Integrated international school
    Tung Nguyen Son at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tung Nguyen Son
    Chief Information Officer
  • Arkendu Sen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Arkendu Sen
    Academic Director, Education Excellence
    Monash University Malaysia
    Gurpardeep Singh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Gurpardeep Singh
    Chief Operating Officer
    Asia Pacific University Sdn Bhd
    Hrridaysh Deshpande at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hrridaysh Deshpande
    Vice Chancellor
    Ajeenkya Dy Patil University
  • Paul Roland Alfonso-Maiquez at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Paul Roland Alfonso-Maiquez
    Technology Director
    VERSO International School, Bangkok
    Richard Burkhill at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Richard Burkhill
    Director of Digital Learning
    Rugby School Thailand
    Tricia Anne Castro at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tricia Anne Castro
    De La Salle University Integrated School
  • John Cork at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    John Cork
    Ed Tech Head
    King Mongkut's International Demonstration School
    Lady Bernadette Didi Dolandolan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lady Bernadette Didi Dolandolan
    School Director
    Canadian American School
    Chee Leong Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chee Leong Lim
    Director, Learning Innovation and Development, Centre for Future Learning
    Taylor's University
  • Aznan Nagor at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Aznan Nagor
    Head of Technologies
    The International School of Penang (Uplands)
    Sunil Pandey at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sunil Pandey
    Professor & Director (IT)
    Institute of Technology & Science
    Matthew Sansom at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Matthew Sansom
    Pro Vice Chancellor, Education
    Sunway University
  • Massimo Spagnuolo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Massimo Spagnuolo
    Associate Regional Director
    Mark Sy at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mark Sy
    Chief Academic Officer
    APEC Schools
    TNarish Tamilarasan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    TNarish Tamilarasan
    Director of Digital Learning
    Sri KDU International School Klang
  • Hong Tat Ewe at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hong Tat Ewe
    Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
    Andrew Epaphroditus Tay at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Andrew Epaphroditus Tay
    Head & Director (Health & Wellbeing), Office of the President
    National University of Singapore
    Michael Taylor at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Michael Taylor
    Head of School
    UIA International School of Tokyo
  • Pooja Bose at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pooja Bose
    Pacific World School
    Amrita Burman at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Amrita Burman
    Deputy Director
    Sunbeam Group of Schools
    Kalyani Chaudhuri at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kalyani Chaudhuri
    Billabong High International School, Thane
  • Anan L at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anan L
    Head of Operations, Infrastructure and Services
    Manipal International University
    Sushma Mandal at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sushma Mandal
    Dr Virendra Swarup Group of Schools
    Prof Dr Norazah Nordin at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Prof Dr Norazah Nordin
    Deputy Vice Chancellor (Industry & Alumni)
    Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela
    Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Secretariat
    Chitrakala Ramachandran at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chitrakala Ramachandran
    Chennai Public School
    Rajeshwari Sawant at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Rajeshwari Sawant
    Gwalior Glory High School
  • Neha Sharma at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Neha Sharma
    GD Goenka School, Ghaziabad (NCR)
    Pratima Sinha at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pratima Sinha
    Chief Executive Officer
    DSR Educational Society
    Sarita Sinha at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sarita Sinha
    Delhi Public School, Dhanbad
  • Wagheeh Shukry Bin Hassan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Wagheeh Shukry Bin Hassan
    Principal Assistant Director, Learning Platforms, Educational Technology and Resources Division
    Ministry of Education Malaysia
    Timothy Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Timothy Chan
    Vice Provost
    Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
    Christy Chung at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Christy Chung
    Director of Continuing Education & Training Academy
    Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Zhengyang Cui at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Zhengyang Cui
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Devy M. Galang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Devy M. Galang
    Director, Center for Technology-Enabled Education (e-Learning)
    Lyceum of the Philippines University
    Anthony Kirby Garcia at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anthony Kirby Garcia
    ICT Director
    Miriam College
  • Tamsin Greulich-Smith at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tamsin Greulich-Smith
    DesignSingapore Council
    Matt Hall at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Matt Hall
    Director of Marketing & Admissions
    Australian International School, Singapore
    Jason Hoppner at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jason Hoppner
    Director of Admissions and Marketing
    Dulwich College Singapore
  • Ayush Kalani at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ayush Kalani
    Associate Director - Admissions & Customer Success
    Global Schools Foundation
    May Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    May Lim
    Assistant Provost (Applied Learning)
    Singapore Institute of Technology
    Alexandre Nenes at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alexandre Nenes
    Sinarmas World Academy
  • Cheryl R. Peralta at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Cheryl R. Peralta
    Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
    University of Santo Tomas
    Ferdinand Pitagan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ferdinand Pitagan
    Dean, School of Teacher Education
    National Teachers College
    Roel Rodrigo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Roel Rodrigo
    Director, Learning Environments and Innovations Office
    Malayan Colleges Laguna
  • K. Anvar Sadath at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    K. Anvar Sadath
    Chief Executive Officer
    KITE, Government of Kerala
    Sudeshna Sengupta at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sudeshna Sengupta
    Academic Director
    Vendanya International School
    Arunabh Singh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Arunabh Singh
    Nehru World School
  • Nachamma Sockalingam at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nachamma Sockalingam
    Program Director, Learning Sciences Lab, Office of Digital Learning
    Totok Amin Soefijanto at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Totok Amin Soefijanto
    Senior Policy Advisor
    Jakarta Provincial Government - Governor's Delivery Unit
    Didi Sukyadi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Didi Sukyadi
    Vice Rector for Academic and Students' Affairs
    Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • James Thang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    James Thang
    Group Chief Information Officer
    UCSI Group Holdings Sdn Bhd
    Tuong Truong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tuong Truong
    Director of South East Asia
    Anne Chrishanthani Vergis at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anne Chrishanthani Vergis
    Academic Director of Teaching and Learning
    University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM)
  • Madhu Verma at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Madhu Verma
    Design for Change Singapore
    Charoenchai Wongwatkit at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Charoenchai Wongwatkit
    Deputy Director of Learning Innovation Institute
    Mae Fah Luang University
    Câline Fonteneau at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Câline Fonteneau
    Director of Admissions and Marketing
    KIS International School, Bangkok
  • Benjamin Trias at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Benjamin Trias
    Chief of Information Intelligence & Digital Transformation
    Sasin School of Management
    Rijanto Purbojo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Rijanto Purbojo
    Director of Online Education
    Universitas Pelita Harapan
    Linette Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Linette Lim
    Director, Admissions and Financial Assistance
    Singapore Management University
  • Kin Leong Pey at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kin Leong Pey
    Associate Provost (Digital Learning)
    Singapore University of Technology and Design
    Mark Renie at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mark Renie
    Head of School
    One World International School
    Jennifer Bantigue-Angeles at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jennifer Bantigue-Angeles
    Head Teacher
    SIS Group of Schools
  • Jeremy Auger at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jeremy Auger
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Karin Avnit at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Karin Avnit
    Deputy Director, CoLEAD
    Singapore Institute of Technology
    Ng Tiong Beng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ng Tiong Beng
    Director of IT infrastructure
    National University of Singapore
  • David Boehm at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    David Boehm
    Director of Technology
    British School In Colombo
    Jazzy Buela at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jazzy Buela
    School Head
    Treston International College
    Jason Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jason Chan
    Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions
    Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  • Karla Cienfuegos at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Karla Cienfuegos
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    International Community School
    Jason McKenna at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jason McKenna
    Director, Global Educational Strategy
    VEX Robotics
    Charles Sharma Naidu at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Charles Sharma Naidu
    Director, VORTEX XR Lab
    Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
  • Michael Singh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Michael Singh
    Head of School
    SIS Kelapa Gading
    James Worland at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    James Worland
    The International School @ Parkcity
    Teck Kheng Lee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Teck Kheng Lee
    Director - Technology Development Centre
    ITE College Central
  • Vinesh Thiruchelvam at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Vinesh Thiruchelvam
    Chief Innovation & Enterprise Officer
    Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)
    Pipop Udorn at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pipop Udorn
    Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
    Thammasat University
    Alex Ustaris at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alex Ustaris
    PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc
  • Jayson M. Barlan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jayson M. Barlan
    Director, Institutional Development Office & Dean of Student Affairs
    Lyceum of the Philippines Univerity
    Kate Erricker at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kate Erricker
    Assistant Director
    Nord Anglia University, Asia
    Supakorn Komthong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Supakorn Komthong
    Head of Learning Experience Design
    Sasin School of Management
  • Dadang Setiawan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dadang Setiawan
    Director of Information Technology
    Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom - Telkom Education Foundation
    Willie Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Willie Tan
    Group Chief Executive Officer
    UCSI Schools
    Adam Torrens at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Adam Torrens
    Edtech Program Manager
    Cognita Schools
  • Yuekun Li at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yuekun Li
    Global Business Development Lead
    Eklavya Bhave at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Eklavya Bhave
    Senior Regional Director, Asia
    Julia Bojko at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Julia Bojko
    Inti International College Subang
  • Giancarlo Brotto at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Giancarlo Brotto
    Global Education Advisor, Cofounder and Executive Director Catalyst
    SMART Technologies Inc
    Catherine Catamora at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Catherine Catamora
    Director of Education Technology
    Far Eastern University
    Raymond Cheong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Raymond Cheong
    Programme Chair Work Learn
    Republic Polytechnic
  • Shanna-Mae de Cruz at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shanna-Mae de Cruz
    National Institute of Early Childhood Development
    Duc Lan Do at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Duc Lan Do
    Head of Office, National Centre for Sustainable Development of General Education Quality
    Ministry of Education & Training
    Dina Ghobashy at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dina Ghobashy
    Senior Manager, Digital Transformation Leadership
  • Mohamad Izwan Ismail at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mohamad Izwan Ismail
    Senior Lecturer
    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
    John Gwyn Jones at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    John Gwyn Jones
    Chief Executive Officer
    Federation of British International Schools in Asia
    Teng-Jin Khoo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Teng-Jin Khoo
    University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Jonathan Kovilpillai at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jonathan Kovilpillai
    Program Manager - Digital Learning
    Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation
    Shane Alexander Laong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shane Alexander Laong
    Team Leader - Ict Training Management
    University of Santo Tomas Educational Technology (EdTech) Center
    Perlin Zellaine Licas at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Perlin Zellaine Licas
    University of Eastern Philippines
  • Hemalatha Murugiah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hemalatha Murugiah
    Chief Executive
    Inti International College Penang
    Larry Nelson at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Larry Nelson
    Regional General Manager, Education in Asia
    Duncan Ogilvie at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Duncan Ogilvie
    Director of Digital Learning
    Marlborough College Malaysia
  • Marjorie Pilon at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Marjorie Pilon
    Principal 1
    Dubinan Elementary School - Department of Education Schools Division of Santiago City
    Jenna Pipchuk at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jenna Pipchuk
    EVP, Chief Sales Officer
    SMART Technologies Inc
    Vincent Quah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Vincent Quah
    Education Lead in APAC
  • Ong Chee Siong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ong Chee Siong
    Director, Academic Partner Development & Management
    Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd
    Chasen Stahl at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chasen Stahl
    Group Director Of Innovation
    Aoba-Japan International School
    Alyson Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alyson Tan
    Curriculum and Training Manager
    Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA)
  • Paulin Tay Straughan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Paulin Tay Straughan
    Dean of Students
    Singapore Management University
    Tang Wee Teo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tang Wee Teo
    Associate Professor & Co-Head, Multi-centric Education, Research and Industry STEM Centre
    National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
    Raghvendra Tripathi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Raghvendra Tripathi
    Senior Vice President
  • Tracy Zheng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tracy Zheng
    Channel & Distribution Manager APAC
    SMART Technologies
    Ethel Gina Bailon at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ethel Gina Bailon
    Teacher Induction Program Coordinator
    PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.
    Saranya Balachandran at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Saranya Balachandran
    Ministry of Education
  • Richard Ian Bert Bolosan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Richard Ian Bert Bolosan
    DepEd-Ilocos Norte, Philippines
    Damaris Daphne Ellis Carlisle at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Damaris Daphne Ellis Carlisle
    Lecturer (English Language)/Lecturer-in-charge (English Language)
    LASALLE College of the Arts Limited
    Kalphna Chandrasegaran at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kalphna Chandrasegaran
    Senior Educational Therapist
    Dyslexia Association of Singapore
  • Sook Keng Chang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sook Keng Chang
    Senior Lecturer
    INTI International University & Colleges
    David Cirulli at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    David Cirulli
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia
    Jennifer Contreras at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jennifer Contreras
    Associate Professor
    Department of Information and Communications Technology / Malayan Colleges Laguna
  • Jessan De Castro at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jessan De Castro
    Kalalake National High School
    Debbie Ding at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Debbie Ding
    Nanyang Polytechnic
    Bhupinder Gogia at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Bhupinder Gogia
    Sat Paul Mittal School
  • Pei Lin How at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pei Lin How
    Sunway College Johor Bahru
    Phu Hua at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Phu Hua
    Digital Learning Coach
    Stamford American International School
    Amelia Jaishree at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Amelia Jaishree
    National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC)
  • Tristan Johns at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tristan Johns
    ICT Facilitator/Home room Teacher
    Australian International School Malaysia
    Namya Joshi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Namya Joshi
    Sat Paul Mittal School
    Adele Kam at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Adele Kam
    Director, Teaching & Learning
    Inti International College Penang
  • Hooi Shyan Khoo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hooi Shyan Khoo
    INTI International University & Colleges
    Yvonne Low at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yvonne Low
    Lecturer/Graphic Designer
    Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
    Abygail Magbag at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Abygail Magbag
    Subject Head
    PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.
  • Siti Sarah Maidin at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Siti Sarah Maidin
    INTI International University & Colleges
    Soofrina Mubarak at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Soofrina Mubarak
    Lead Educational Therapist
    Dyslexia Association of Singapore
    Stephanie Ong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Stephanie Ong
    Senior Educational Therapist
    Dyslexia Association of Singapore
  • Christian Pascual at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Christian Pascual
    Director, Institute for Innovative Learning and International Cooperation
    University of the Cordilleras
    Emily Quek at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Emily Quek
    Senior Lecturer
    INTI International University & Colleges
    Emil Responso at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Emil Responso
    Department of Education - Schools Division Office of Santiago City Philippines
  • Debbie Sacay at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Debbie Sacay
    Faculty Courseware Developer
    STI Education Services Inc
    Ashwindran Naidu Sanderasagran at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ashwindran Naidu Sanderasagran
    Inti International College Penang
    Lalita Ambigai Sivasamugham at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lalita Ambigai Sivasamugham
    Senior Lecturer
    INTI International University & Colleges
  • Shalyn Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shalyn Tan
    Senior lecturer - mentor
    Institute of Technical Education
    Amy Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Amy Tan
    Sunway College JB
    Loida Elaine Tibong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Loida Elaine Tibong
    Information Technology Officer
    Department of Education - Schools Division Office of Mountain Province
  • John Paul Viernes at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    John Paul Viernes
    Master Teacher
    Maipalig-Quiom Elementary School
    Nhivashni Womasuthan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nhivashni Womasuthan
    Lecturer 2
    Inti International College Penang
    Peter Yau at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Peter Yau
    Ast Professor
    University of Glasgow, Singapore
  • Osama Yunes at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Osama Yunes
    Information Technology & Development Manager
    Spectrum International Schools
    Jasmiene Domingo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jasmiene Domingo
    Director - Center for Instructional Tech. Services
    Baliuag University
    Swaminathan Ar at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Swaminathan Ar
    Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
  • Randahl Koh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Randahl Koh
    Lecturer - School of Business & Services
    Institute of Technical Education
    Inna Stevens at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Inna Stevens
    Senior Education Consultant International
    Nicholas Svensson at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nicholas Svensson
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    SMART Technologies Inc
  • Jukka Tulivuori at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jukka Tulivuori
    Social Sector Specialist
    Asian Development Bank
    Evangeline Rose Andal at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Evangeline Rose Andal
    Solutions Architect
    Kevin Bell at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kevin Bell
    Head of Higher Education and Research
  • Danny Chen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Danny Chen
    Senior Program Manager, Education to Workforce
    Mingyue Choy at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mingyue Choy
    Solutions Engineer
    Canvas by Instructure
    Christy Flis at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Christy Flis
    Head of Global Education and Head of Women
    Zoom Ltd
  • Mallikarjuna Gadapa at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mallikarjuna Gadapa
    Director - Directorate of Online Education
    Manipal University Jaipur
    Felix Goh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Felix Goh
    Strategic Lead - Education, EdTech & Research - Singapore
    Google Cloud
    Han Pin Goh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Han Pin Goh
    Head, Infocomm & Educational Technology
    Nanyang Girls High School
  • Nick Hutton at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nick Hutton
    Regional Director, Asia
    Nur Atiqa Ismail at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nur Atiqa Ismail
    SM Sains Kota Tinggi
    Stuart King at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Stuart King
    General Manager, Global Head of Education Systems and Solutions
    Lenovo Singapore
  • Kelvin Koh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kelvin Koh
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    SISB Co., Ltd.
    Lara Lai at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lara Lai
    Chief Executive Officer
    Veev Digital Works
    Krystle Lau at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Krystle Lau
    Program Manager - Intel Skills for Innovation
  • Desmond Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Desmond Lim
    Regional Manager, Business Development
    James Lu at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    James Lu
    Chief Editor
    ONE Esports
    Pigar Mahdar at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pigar Mahdar
    Founder & Counsellor
    Mellow & Tale
  • Emma Ou at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Emma Ou
    Country Head, ANZ & Strategy Planning Director, Asia-Pacific Region
    Zhan Hao Peh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Zhan Hao Peh
    Chief Executive Officer
    Dive Analytics
    Zheng Wei Quah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Zheng Wei Quah
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Anna Cherylle Ramos at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anna Cherylle Ramos
    Director - UST Educational Technology Center
    University of Santo Tomas
    Shareen Ratnani at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shareen Ratnani
    Director of Academics
    Kipina Kids Indonesia
    Mark Stanley at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mark Stanley
  • Sophia Wei at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sophia Wei
    Course Manager, Diploma in AI & Data Engineering
    Nanyang Polytechnic
    Alan Wong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alan Wong
    Head of Business Development & Training Services, GSA
    GSA Tech
    Vikram Yadalli Chandrashekar at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Vikram Yadalli Chandrashekar
    Senior Business Development Manager, Software Lead, Central Asia Pacific Services
    Lenovo Singapore
  • Kelsey Zhang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kelsey Zhang
    Education Manager
    VEX Robotics
    Audrey Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Audrey Lim
    Public Sector and Education Specialist Asia Territory
    David Rosengrave at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    David Rosengrave
    Senior Education Solutions Business Development Lead at Amazon Web Services, APJ
    Amazon Web Services
  • Darius Samojlowicz at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Darius Samojlowicz
    Executive Officer
    Mathematical Association Of Nsw
    Nina Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nina Tan
    Singapore Management University
    Patrick Holt at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Patrick Holt
    Dean of Learning
    XCL World Academy
  • Justin Baird at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Justin Baird
    CTO for Startups in APAC
    Neelesh Bhatia at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Neelesh Bhatia
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Trilok Singh Bist at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Trilok Singh Bist
    Senior Principal cum Chief Operating Officer the Chief Operating Officer
    Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad
  • Swee Hoon Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Swee Hoon Chan
    Country Sales Director, Intel
    Liz Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Liz Chan
    Learning Space Specialist
    Steelcase Learning
    Lee Chun Chong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lee Chun Chong
    Senior Software Product Manager, Services
    Lenovo Asia Pacific
  • Ambroise d'Hauteville at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ambroise d'Hauteville
    Education Lead
    Steelcase Learning
    Pham Giang Linh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Pham Giang Linh
    Chief Executive Officer
    Galaxy Education
    Alexis Crowell Helzer at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alexis Crowell Helzer
    Vice President Sales Marketing & Communications Group General Manager Asia Pacific Territory
  • Dr Trivina Kang at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dr Trivina Kang
    Associate Dean, Professional and Leadership Development
    National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
    Francis, Jun Yao Lee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Francis, Jun Yao Lee
    Lalia Private Limited
    Ken Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ken Lim
    Co Founder & CMO
    ReSkills EdTech
  • Gustavo Liu at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Gustavo Liu
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Rescale Lab
    Glenn Low at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Glenn Low
    Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder
    Troy Martin at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Troy Martin
    Managing Director Asia
    Britannica Education
  • Chongming Ng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chongming Ng
    CEO & Cofounder
    Practicle Pte Ltd
    Brian O'Dwyer at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Brian O'Dwyer
    Executive Chairman
    Roy Ong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Roy Ong
    Chief Operating Officer
    Dive Analytics
  • Meghana Rao Jupally at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Meghana Rao Jupally
    Meru International School
    Daniel Shen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Daniel Shen
    Soqqle Pte. Ltd.
    Sandesh Shetty at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sandesh Shetty
    Co-Founder and COO
    Explico Pte Ltd
  • Yvonne Soh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yvonne Soh
    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Noodle Factory Pte. Ltd.
    Brian Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Brian Tan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Sameep Wali at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sameep Wali
    ETS Strategic Capital
  • Thomas Wolf at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Thomas Wolf
    Senior Director
    ETS Strategic Capital
    Yau Hsiung Wong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yau Hsiung Wong
    Lecturer And E-Learning Coordinator
    Taylor's University
    Ridhwan Yusoff at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ridhwan Yusoff
    Curriculum Lead and Senior Trainer
    Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
  • Vishwanath Subbanna at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Vishwanath Subbanna
    Principal Presales Consultant
    Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Rutdiana Anggodo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Rutdiana Anggodo
    International Curriculum Coordinator
    Saint Peter School, PSSI
    Arpit Badjatya at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Arpit Badjatya
    Chief Executive Officer & MD
    Academia ERP by Serosoft
  • Hayden Flett at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hayden Flett
    Product and Solutions Manager Oceania
    Salto Systems
    Ethan Li at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ethan Li
    Vice President
    Marivel Morales at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Marivel Morales
    Education Program Supervisor -Learning Resource Management Section
    Department of Education - Schools Division of Santiago City
  • Dennis Ooi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dennis Ooi
    Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA)
    Muhammad Arshad Jumah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Muhammad Arshad Jumah
    Jurongville Secondary School
    Narumol Narula at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Narumol Narula
    Modern International School Bangkok
  • Shae Lynn Wong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shae Lynn Wong
    Senior Lecturer
    Sunway College Johor Bahru
    Eng Tang Lau at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Eng Tang Lau
    Solutions Engineer
    Sakthi Ramkumar at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sakthi Ramkumar
    Product Marketer
  • Paul Bacanu at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Paul Bacanu
    Channel Marketing Manager
    Canvas by Instructure
    Mark Chew at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mark Chew
    Chief Executive Officer
    Team Flash
    Daryl Ng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Daryl Ng
    Professional Esports Coach
  • Terence Ng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Terence Ng
    Channel Manager - APAC
    Canvas by Instructure
    CH Ngoh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    CH Ngoh
    Director, Corporate Information Centre
    HELP University
    Jennifer D. Tucpi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jennifer D. Tucpi
    OIC, Academic Affairs & University Registrar
    Lyceum of the Philippines University
  • I Made Andi Arsana at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    I Made Andi Arsana
    Head Office of International Affairs
    Universitas Gadjah Mada
    Sara Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Sara Tan
    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Novalearn Limited
    Monica Joshi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Monica Joshi
    IT Head
    Sat Paul Mittal
  • Maria Louella Tampinco at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Maria Louella Tampinco
    Director for Basic Education
    Miriam College
    Max Drummy at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Max Drummy
    Global Capacity Building Facilitator
    New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
    Mag Gardner at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mag Gardner
    Global Facilitator
    New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
  • Hakimah Nur Diniyah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hakimah Nur Diniyah
    Educational Therapist
    Dyslexia Association of Singapore
    Joanne Quinn at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Joanne Quinn
    Quinn Consultants Inc
    Maylyn Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Maylyn Tan
    Assistant Dean
    Singapore Institute of Management
  • Ren Kai Yip at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ren Kai Yip
    Managing Director
    Redd+E Pte Ltd
    Ivan Gn at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ivan Gn
    Head of Business Development, AWS EdStart
    Zoe Attwood at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Zoe Attwood
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Chankoulika Bo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chankoulika Bo
    Director of Policy Department
    Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Cambodia
    Clarice Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Clarice Chan
    Chief Executive Officer
    Gateway+ Learning
    Atty. Gerard L. Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Atty. Gerard L. Chan
    Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs and Partnerships
    Department of Education, Republic of the Philippines
  • Mark Chay at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mark Chay
    Nominated Member of Parliament, Singapore and Executive Director
    Global Esports Federation
    Stefan Chong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Stefan Chong
    Manager, Rights Holder Management, Esports - SE Asia
    Maarten de Laat at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Maarten de Laat
    Co-director of the Centre for Change and Complexity in Learning
    University of South Australia
  • Risky Harisa Haslan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Risky Harisa Haslan
    Digital Learning Director
    University of Nottingham Malaysia
    Lars Jensen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lars Jensen
    Director, Solution Engineering
    ChienChing Lee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    ChienChing Lee
    Assoc Prof
    Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Eli Levi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Eli Levi
    Senior Director, Customer Success
    Ruth Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ruth Lim
    Senior Talent Executive
    EMERGE Esports
    Amber Matthews at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Amber Matthews
    Workspace Futures Director
    Steelcase Learning
  • Titu Minhas at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Titu Minhas
    Head of Education
    Maslina Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Nasir at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Maslina Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Nasir
    Head Of Public Sector - Sales Director, Key Account Business
    Lenovo Malaysia
    Anh Thu T. Nguyen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anh Thu T. Nguyen
    Vice-Director, Danang International Institute of Technology (DNIIT)
    the university of danang
  • Shella Mae Pareja at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shella Mae Pareja
    Master Teacher I
    Golden Acres National High School
    Mat Pullen at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mat Pullen
    Senior Product marketing manager - Education
    Karthik Ramalingam at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Karthik Ramalingam
    Senior Director, South Asia Presales
    Dell Technologies
  • Yukie Saito at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yukie Saito
    Associate Professor
    Chuo University
    Robert Soo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Robert Soo
    Principal Consultant
    Cogent Acoustics
    Jason Suh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jason Suh
    Chief Operating Officer
    Letitu Corp
  • Mehmet Tashanligil at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mehmet Tashanligil
    Chief Executive Officer
    Anne Taylor at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Anne Taylor
    Education Industry Advisor
    Timothy Tseng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Timothy Tseng
    Lenovo Thinkshield Security Lead – Asia Pacific
  • Molly Turner at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Molly Turner
    Education Consultant
    SMART Technologies
    Emily Woo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Emily Woo
    Lead Professional Officer
    Singapore Institute of Technology
    Francis Teo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Francis Teo
    Business Lead for Education and Government
    Lenovo Central Asia Pacific
  • Yueh Mei Liu at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yueh Mei Liu
    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
    Ignacio Zinny at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ignacio Zinny
    International Sales Director
    Jeff Lee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jeff Lee
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Zoala Pte Ltd
  • Moses Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Moses Lim
    Team Lead, Solutions Engineering, Asia
    Siew Chin Teoh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Siew Chin Teoh
    Senior Lecturer
    Inti International College Penang
    Suraj Mohandas at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Suraj Mohandas
    Vice President, Strategy – Education
  • Alberto Rossi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alberto Rossi
    International Business Coordinator
    Iulius Carebia at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Iulius Carebia
    Edtech Coach
    German European School Singapore
    Muhamad Hasan Chabibie, S.T., M.Si. at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Muhamad Hasan Chabibie, S.T., M.Si.
    Head of Data Center and Information Technology
    Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Michael Klemm at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Michael Klemm
    Singapore Education Network
    Roger Lee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Roger Lee
    Singapore Institute of Materials Management
    Ben Summerton at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ben Summerton
    Technology and Innovation Coordinator (Elementary)
    Singapore American School
  • Kok Min Wah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kok Min Wah
    Senior Product Client Technologist
    Dell Technologies
    Nevine Asfour at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nevine Asfour
    Head of IT
    Alexandria international school
    Yeonji Baik at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Yeonji Baik
    Director of Art-Cognitive Psychology Biz. Div.
    i-Scream media
  • Chingiskhan Berdibekov at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chingiskhan Berdibekov
    Secondary Principal
    Hibiscus International School
    Jayme Brown at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jayme Brown
    Visang Education Inc.
    Tommy Buteau at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tommy Buteau
    English Teacher/Tech Integration
    Aoba Japan International School
  • Michelle Caers at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Michelle Caers
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ruben Cammaerts at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Ruben Cammaerts
    Vice President, International Sales
    SMART Technologies
    Mandy Chan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mandy Chan
  • Jennifer Chin at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Jennifer Chin
    Kevin Chu at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kevin Chu
    Dionne Douglas at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dionne Douglas
    IBDP ESS, Biology, and Chemistry Teacher
    Aoba Japan International School
  • Crispian Farrow at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Crispian Farrow
    EiM Global
    Cheri Flewell-Smith at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Cheri Flewell-Smith
    Poppy Fox at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Poppy Fox
  • Oliver Greiner at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Oliver Greiner
    Analisa Hamdan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Analisa Hamdan
    Digital Learning Designer
    Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
    Shaun Heng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shaun Heng
    General Manager, Visual Solutions Group
  • Kevin House at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kevin House
    Education Futures Architect
    Education in Motion
    Craig Thomas Irwin at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Craig Thomas Irwin
    Business Relations Manager
    STEM Minds Coorp
    Kevin Kachidza at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kevin Kachidza
    Sarafin AI
  • Dennis Kwan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dennis Kwan
    Bauhinia Lee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Bauhinia Lee
    Anima Ventures
    Martin Leicht at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Martin Leicht
    Director of Technology & Innovation
    XCL World Academy
  • Lance Foo Heng Leng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Lance Foo Heng Leng
    Head of Talent Acquisition
    Asia Pacific
    Mi-Chelle Leong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mi-Chelle Leong
    Head of Department
    Shern Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Shern Lim
    Project Manager
  • Brett Medel at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Brett Medel
    Chief Information Officer
    Asian Institute of Management
    Debbie Ng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Debbie Ng
    Design Partner
    Design for Change Singapore
    John Oh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    John Oh
    Director-Asia, Business Communications
  • Andrew Parker at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Andrew Parker
    VP Customer Solutions
    eLumina eLearning
    Murali Prakash at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Murali Prakash
    Prof Dr. Detlev Remy at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Prof Dr. Detlev Remy
    Assoc. Prof
  • Chin Chin Sia at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chin Chin Sia
    Programme Coordinator and Senior Lecturer
    Taylor's University
    Hozefa Aziz Singapore Wala at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hozefa Aziz Singapore Wala
    Chief Executive Officer
    Duck learning
    Abdy Taminsyah at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Abdy Taminsyah
  • Alan Tay at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alan Tay
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Delphi Technology Corp
    Kai Ping Tee at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kai Ping Tee
    Staff Manager, Technical Marketing
    Eddie Teng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Eddie Teng
    Head of Marketing & Head of E-commerce, Asia - Pacific Region
  • Tom Worthington at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Tom Worthington
    Honorary Lecturer
    The Australian National University
    Garth Hehir at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Garth Hehir
    VP of Customer Solutions
    Elumina Learning
    Nicholas Khoo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Nicholas Khoo
    Chief Operating Officer
    Global Star Acquisition Inc
  • Phill Miller at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Phill Miller
    Managing Director
    Open LMS
    Hannah Gapes at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Hannah Gapes
    Business Development Manager, Industry Solutions, APJ
    Thean Keong Kwan at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Thean Keong Kwan
    Senior Solutions Architect, ASEAN, Worldwide Public Sector
  • Alan Lam at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alan Lam
    Solutions engineer APAC
    Class Technologies
    Takeshi Matsuzaki at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Takeshi Matsuzaki
    Chief Executive Officer
    e-learning Co., Ltd
    Mitri Nademahakul at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Mitri Nademahakul
    Country Manager Thailand & Vietnam
  • Dilip Padath at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dilip Padath
    Associate Director of Admission
    Danny Teo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Danny Teo
    Knowledgehut Solutions
    Kavita Sanghvi at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Kavita Sanghvi
    SVKM CNM School, Mumbai
  • Chiow Chien Loh at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chiow Chien Loh
    Subject Head, Chinese Language
    Lakeside Primary School
    Dominic Ng at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Dominic Ng
    Commercial Business Manager
    Chee Chun Cheong at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Chee Chun Cheong
    Education Solution Manager
    Keysight Technologies
  • Alessandro Di Lullo at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Alessandro Di Lullo
    SuperCharger Ventures
    Rowan Freeman at EDUtech_Asia 2022
    Rowan Freeman
    Head of Product





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Culture eats strategy for breakfast: power of EdTech
Fuelling minds for future focused learning
Harnessing technology for better metacognition
Breaking boundaries through inclusion
Using AI for effective teaching and learning
Learning gamification through AdventureLEARN: a student self-improvement platform



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    Zoho Corporation at EDUtech_Asia 2023
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    Duck learning at EDUtech_Asia 2023


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    Intellischool at EDUtech_Asia 2023


    International Paradise Connexions Tours & Travels Pte Ltd at EDUtech_Asia 2023
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    Komodo at EDUtech_Asia 2023


    Rayco Technologies at EDUtech_Asia 2023
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    STM at EDUtech_Asia 2023


    SALTO Systems at EDUtech_Asia 2023
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    Beijing Talkcloud Network Technology Co. Ltd at EDUtech_Asia 2023


    Visang Education Inc. at EDUtech_Asia 2023



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"The whole experience. The venue, the schedule, the speakers, exhibitors. Everything was very well organised and the event was really great."
Sinarmas World Academy
"The topics were all relevant and very informative. It was great to be back face-to-face. Kudos to the organizer!"
Director, Center for Technology-Enabled Education (e-Learning)
Lyceum of the Philippines University
"Extremely well organised, with some of the latest advances in the EdTech industry like AR/VR is also given good exposure since these conferences are mainly for people to get the latest trends in Learning Technologies"
Academic Director, Education Excellence
Monash University
"A great platform to meet like-minded people from parts of the world where one may not get a chance to visit. Also appreciate, so much of the good work that is happening around and the ambiance of sharing that is generated at such a conference."
Academic Director
Vendanya International School
"The whole experience. The venue, the schedule, the speakers, exhibitors. Everything was very well organised and the event was really great."
Sinarmas World Academy
"The topics were all relevant and very informative. It was great to be back face-to-face. Kudos to the organizer!"
Director, Center for Technology-Enabled Education (e-Learning)
Lyceum of the Philippines University
"Extremely well organised, with some of the latest advances in the EdTech industry like AR/VR is also given good exposure since these conferences are mainly for people to get the latest trends in Learning Technologies"
Academic Director, Education Excellence
Monash University
"A great platform to meet like-minded people from parts of the world where one may not get a chance to visit. Also appreciate, so much of the good work that is happening around and the ambiance of sharing that is generated at such a conference."
Academic Director
Vendanya International School

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