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Founded in 1997 as ‘Metaphor and Symbol,’ Visang Education has been taking meaningful steps towards its future vision of education. Through constant innovation and new attempts, the company developed top-quality educational contents and did not spare investment in creating better textbooks, learning aids, and learning systems. Thanks to these efforts, Visang Education grew into a top education provider with comprehensive educational contents from Visang Education textbooks and learning aids to the environmental friendly printing company Terabooks, online education, educational evaluation, digital business, and teacher/ parent training. Now, after taking the first few steps, Visang Education is ready to take off to the bigger world. The company has been preparing for the education market that is soon to be restructured, for the last few years from a future-oriented viewpoint. Based on our results, we will build a low-cost, high-efficiency learning environment and educational environment where students can enjoy learning happily, in order to help students improve self-directed learning and grow as creative, convergence-oriented professionals with their dreams. We will strive to set an example of global education for the upcoming age of convergence.


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