Edvocado, established in 2018, aims to blend learning with fun, making education more captivating and effective. Our flagship product, edvocard®, exemplifies this mission as a rewarding, versatile, and fun card game that fosters positive relationships between teachers and students, enforces learning through play, and ensures an equal opportunity for success for every learner. This approach not only makes learning more enjoyable but also promotes positive interactions within the educational environment. We've been heartened by the positive feedback from schools, teachers, and students, who have noted a significant increase in classroom enjoyment and engagement.
Furthering our innovation, Edvocado has also developed a unique tool, currently pending patent approval, that brings features typically found in online learning—such as point systems and analyses of students' strengths and weaknesses—into traditional, offline educational settings. This tool enables the advantages of gamified learning without the need to digitalize traditional educational materials, underscoring our dedication to improving learning experiences for all.
In short, Edvocado seamlessly integrates fun with education, enhancing learning experiences through innovative products like edvocard® and tools that bring gamified elements into traditional settings, earning acclaim from the educational community.


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