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The Singapore Education Network (SEN) is a network of Education professionals & organizations in Singapore and Asia. We are a Knowledge Hub, Education Community and Business Partner to give stakeholders in the education sector an opportunity to share - learn - collaborate. 
SEN has worked with over 20 organizations, ie The Economist, SAP, Salesforce, 500Global, Eduspaze, National University of Singapore, Int. University of Applied Sciences, Simovative, Coursera, Institute of Adult Learning,  etc.

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The EdTech Marketplace - Asia is managed by the Singapore Education Network  (SEN) and offers a platform for EdTech solutions to connect with the education market in Asia
The EdTech Marketplace – Asia has 30+ local and international EdTech solutions. SEN is currently working with various accelerators, governments and other EdTech organizations to turn this EdTech Marketplace into a comprehensive Knowledge and Product platform in the EdTech space.


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