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Kiran Sethi speaking at EDUtech Asia

Kiran Sethi
Founder/Director of The Riverside School - Riverside Education Foundation, and
Founder of Design for Change – Global

Kiran Sethi is an Indian designer, educationist, education reformer, and social entrepreneur. It was when her children started going to school that Sethi recognised her true calling - putting design thinking into education. She founded the award-winning Riverside School in Ahmedabad that focuses on empowering children with the I CAN MINDSET – nourished with humane values, and finally Design for Change which is today the largest movement of change – for and by the children.



Human by Chance. HumanE by Design.

There is an urgent need to prepare our young people to both navigate an unknown and complex future and believe they have the skills to shape a more desirable, sustainable future. Design thinking is one of the ways we can address this need. It asserts that new and better things are possible and that each of us can make change happen if we cultivate a human-centred, collaborative and optimistic mindset.

In her session, Kiran will challenge you to consider:

• Why the twenty-first century ‘learner’ demands new approaches to ‘learning’ 

•  The need to embrace student voice and agency to value ‘creativity’ and ‘character’ over ‘compliance’ and ‘content’ 

•  How to inculcate skills for student success - collaboration, creativity, compassion, and problem-solving 

•  Why teachers must tap into their own creativity and build this same belief in their own capacity to develop and drive change within education 



Raya Bidshahri speaking at EDUtech Asia

Raya Bidshahri
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
School of Humanity

Raya Bidshahri is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning educator. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of School of Humanity, an online high school with an innovative learning model and interdisciplinary curriculum. She has been featured by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential and inspiring women globally. Her mission is to reinvent global education systems in order to better serve humanity. 



Reinventing Schools: A Practical Vision 

What would an alternative education system with no grades, subjects or exams look like? How could we reimagine and reinvent schools globally? Raya will explore these questions, as well as outlines strategies and practices that we can all apply in order to reinvent schools. 

In her thought-provoking session, Raya will inspire you to:

• Explore case studies of alternative and innovative schools globally.  

•  Consider alternatives to common features of industrial-era education models, such as exams and subjects 

•  Identify mindsets and strategies for educators and school leaders to enable exponential innovation  

•  Apply first principles thinking to innovation in schools

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