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EDUtech Asia is not just about speeches and presentations; it's about dialogue and collaboration. It's about forging connections and partnerships that will drive meaningful change in education. It's about sharing insights and experiences that will inspire and empower all educators to be the change-makers the sector needs.


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EDUtech Asia 2024 Keynote Speaker Yike Guo


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EDUtech Asia 2024

What you can expect at EDUtech Asia 2024



A global 3-day conference with over 400 inspiring speakers covering the pressing topics on the minds of educators today – including digital strategy, generative AI, teacher training, pedagogy for digital learning, sustainability, cyber-security, and digital divide.



A free-to-attend multi-brand exhibition hosting over 200 of the world's leading education technology players showcasing cutting-edge EdTech solutions and featuring the most innovative start-ups across the region.



Networking is at the intersection of all that we do: the Showcase, the Learning, the Fun. Exchange ideas, build brand, form partnerships, grow your professional network, explore the future and uncover new opportunities before, during and after the event.




Earn up to 16.45 hours of CPD points


Who should attend EDUtech Asia 2024


Schools & Higher Education Institutions

Bring your teaching and support staff to EDUtech Asia. They will get better understanding of the most pressing issues on the minds of educators, and hear from experts from across Asia on how to overcome challenges and explore opportunities


Governments & Policymakers

How can policymakers support best outcomes for learners and drive meaningful change in education? From best legislation practices on tech development, to addressing the requirements of educators, discuss with colleagues from across the region how to accelerate in change in education


Solution Providers

Are you looking for the right platform to showcase your innovative ideas to the world? EDUtech Asia 2024 provides the perfect opportunity for you to strengthen your brand and reach out to senior educators who need your services the most.


Addressing key themes for leaders and educators, showcasing best practice and case studies from across the region and beyond


Artificial Intelligence
How we learn
Pedagogy for teaching and learning
Lifelong learning
Micro-learning and micro-credentialing
Accessibility and inclusion
Campus Management
Wellbeing and safeguarding
Digital strategy
Global leadership and digital citizenship

Introducing our 2024 speakers

  • Benjamin Burgess at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Benjamin Burgess
    Digital Learning & Online Safeguarding Lead
    Swiss International School Qatar
    Simon Hornbrook at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Simon Hornbrook
    Digital Integration Lead
    St. Joseph's Institution International
  • Carolyn Mason Parker at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Carolyn Mason Parker
    Head of School
    KIS International School, Bangkok
    Sangitaa Singh at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Sangitaa Singh
    Digital Learning Lead (IT HOD, Primary)
    Global Indian International School, SMART Campus
  • Mary George Cheriyan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Mary George Cheriyan
    Deputy Principal, Centre for Pedagogical Research and Learning and Community Engagement
    Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
    Jayson Bergania at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Jayson Bergania
    Dean, College of Innovative Teacher Education (CITE)
    University of Makati
  • Masamu Kamaga at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Masamu Kamaga
    KIT Management Co., Ltd.
    Brian Meehan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Brian Meehan
    Director of Learning Technology
    Kaohsiung American School
  • Raul Rodriguez at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Raul Rodriguez
    Vice President
    Woxsen University
    May Tan-Mullins at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    May Tan-Mullins
    Dean International and Chief Sustainability Officer
    James Cook University
  • Rachel Vu at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Rachel Vu
    GPC Workshop Facilitator (Clayton)
    Monash University
    Azidah Abu Ziden at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Azidah Abu Ziden
    Director, Division of Academic Excellence
    Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), Malaysia
  • Trivina Kang at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Trivina Kang
    Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer
    National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
    Madhu Khanna at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Madhu Khanna
    Head of School
    Global Indian International School
  • Câline Fonteneau at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Câline Fonteneau
    Director of Marketing and Engagement
    KIS International School, Bangkok
    Kristie Chen at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Kristie Chen
    Principal Consultant
    Bold Academy Pte. Ltd.
  • Abhishek Singh Bhati at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Abhishek Singh Bhati
    Campus Dean and Head (Singapore), Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement
    James Cook University
    Liz Jones at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Liz Jones
    Head of Department of Psychology
    Monash University Malaysia
  • John Hii at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    John Hii
    Director, VORTEX Lab
    Taylor's University
    Kylie Colvin at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Kylie Colvin
    Chief Strategy and Operations Officer
    University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Kate Erricker at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Kate Erricker
    Assistant Director (Curriculum)
    Nord Anglia Education
    Pepita Gunawan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Pepita Gunawan
    Founder and Managing Director
    REFO Indonesia
  • Cheryl R. Peralta at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Cheryl R. Peralta
    Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
    University of Santo Tomas
    Venky Shankararaman at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Venky Shankararaman
    Vice Provost (Education)
    Singapore Management University
  • Mabel Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Mabel Tan
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    UCSI College
    Shu Tian Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Shu Tian Tan
    Head of Department, Edtech
    St. Anthony's Primary School
  • Fathma Mauger at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Fathma Mauger
    Larrakeyah Primary School
    Michael Klemm at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Michael Klemm
    Singapore Education Network
  • Debika Chatterji at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Debika Chatterji
    Director Principal
    JBCN International School Borivali
    Encik Zainal bin Abas at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Encik Zainal bin Abas
    Director of Educational Technology and Resources Division
    Ministry of Education Malaysia
  • Nurbiha A SHUKOR at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Nurbiha A SHUKOR
    Deputy Director, Center of Advancement in Digital & Flexible Learning, UTM
    Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
    Bradley Freeman at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Bradley Freeman
    Sunway University
  • Sean McMinn at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Sean McMinn
    Director of Center for Education
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
    Jennifer Bantigue-Angeles at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Jennifer Bantigue-Angeles
    Head Teacher
    SIS Group of Schools
  • Richard Burkhill at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Richard Burkhill
    Director of Digital Learning
    Rugby School Thailand
    Adrian Lim at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Adrian Lim
    Director of Education Services
    Methodist Preschools
  • Duncan Ogilvie at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Duncan Ogilvie
    Director of Digital Learning
    Marlborough College Malaysia
    Gurpardeep Singh at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Gurpardeep Singh
    Chief Operating Officer
    Asia Pacific University Sdn Bhd
  • Alyanna Tobias at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Alyanna Tobias
    Instructional Designer
    STI Education Services Group, Inc.
    Girija Veerappan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Girija Veerappan
    Director, Centre for Educational Development
    Republic Polytechnic
  • Ana Hol at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Ana Hol
    Associate Dean, Associate Professor
    Western Sydney University
    Ian Hunter at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Ian Hunter
    Writer's Toolbox
  • Tomoko Katsurayama at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Tomoko Katsurayama
    Globis University
    Anan L at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Anan L
    Head of Operations, Infrastructure and Services
    Manipal University College Malaysia
  • Supattana Nirukkanaporn at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Supattana Nirukkanaporn
    Director, International Office and Office of the Registrar
    Rangsit University
    Priyanka Shivrain at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Priyanka Shivrain
    Head, Department of Computer Science
    The Shri Ram School, Moulsari
  • Siân Tolba at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Siân Tolba
    Director of Learning and Teaching
    Marlborough College Malaysia
    Silke Vogel at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Silke Vogel
    Snr Assoc Dean, Graduate Studies; Deputy Director, Centre of Regulatory Excellence & Head, Duke-NUS Centre for Lifelong Learning
    Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
  • Jessica Yang at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Jessica Yang
    Senior Education Specialist
    Ngee Ann Polytechnic
    Alex Ustaris at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Alex Ustaris
    PHINMA Education Holdings, Inc
  • Patrice Choong at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Patrice Choong
    Chief Data Officer and Senior Director, Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Ngee Ann Polytechnic
    Fadhil Ismail at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Fadhil Ismail
    Senior Lecturer
  • Rijanto Purbojo at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Rijanto Purbojo
    Director of Center for Teaching and Learning
    Universitas Pelita Harapan
    Juergen Rudolph at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Juergen Rudolph
    Director of Research and Learning Innovation
  • Shannon Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Shannon Tan
    Research Executive
    Nina Tan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Nina Tan
    Lecturer, SMU Academy
    Singapore Management University
  • Joyce Teo at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Joyce Teo
    Assistant Vice Chancellor (Global Affairs)
    University of Brunei Darussalam
    Boon Seong Woo at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Boon Seong Woo
    Director, Learning Academy
    Temasek Polytechnic
  • Sasa Arsovski at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Sasa Arsovski
    Associate Professor / Programme Director AI & Robotics
    Raffles University Iskandar
    Karoline Hecker at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Karoline Hecker
    Deputy Director, Learning Technologies
    University of Nottingham Ningbo China
  • David Hollands at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    David Hollands
    Head Consultant
    Global Consulting Hive
    Allan Wong at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Allan Wong
    Director of Information Technology
    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Daniel Hyde at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Daniel Hyde
    Head of School
    Singapore School, Pantai Indah Kapuk
    Gavin Kinch at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Gavin Kinch
    ACS (International)
  • Angela Newby at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    Angela Newby
    Head of Digital Learning
    United World College South East Asia
    TNarish Tamilarasan at EDUtech_Asia 2024
    TNarish Tamilarasan
    Vice Principal
    Sri KDU International School Klang


Showcase your solutions and start conversations with decision-makers and influencers

With thousands of school and university leaders and professionals visiting the event, EDUtech Asia provides the perfect platform for you to introduce your solutions uncover new opportunities, and grow your presence.

Discover live demos & latest innovatiosn from

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    Google for Education at EDUtech_Asia 2024

    Silver Sponsor

    iSpring Solutions at EDUtech_Asia 2024
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    Lenovo at EDUtech_Asia 2024

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    Samsung Sds Asia Pacific Pte Ltd at EDUtech_Asia 2024
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    Canvas by Instructure at EDUtech_Asia 2024

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    Kami at EDUtech_Asia 2024
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    TrainerCentral at EDUtech_Asia 2024
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    Writer's Toolbox at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Greatify at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Startup

    JAZRO ROBOTIC ACADEMY at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Netcare Technology at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    RS Group Singapore at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Active Floor at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Aha Moment Innovation at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    AST TECHNOLOGY ASIA at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    audax at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    AV Media at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    AV-SCIENCE at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    BPLAB at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Canon at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Cidi Labs at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    ClassLink at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Duck Learning at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Edpuzzle at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Edupod Singapore at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    HAKUBUN at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Hawko Trading at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Intellischool at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Jooyes Kids Furniture at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Moodle Pty Limited at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    My AOne Learning at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Nutrigene at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    OverDrive at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Padlet at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Raffles University Iskandar at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Reactor School at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    ROBOROBO at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Rocket Labs Learning Centre at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    STM Bags at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    Superior Team Limited at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    VM Education at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Exhibitor

    XP-PEN at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Edvocado at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Startup

    Ilovereading Sg Pvt Ltd at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Lattel Pte Ltd at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Startup

    Lyza Education at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    Scholarly Pte Ltd at EDUtech_Asia 2024
  • Startup

    Soqqle at EDUtech_Asia 2024


    VPass at EDUtech_Asia 2024



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Institutions who attend EDUtech Asia





“The conference has been insightful. It provided a snapshot of what's available from the industries and what other education systems or counterparts are pursuing.”
Jonathon Loh, Deputy Director
Academy of Singapore Teachers
“The most organized in Edtech conference in Asia.”
Anna Cherylle Ramos, Director - UST Educational Technology Center
University of Santo Tomas
“It is the biggest EDUtech event ever. The topics of workshops and conference are very relevant, insightful and worth joining. The exhibition is dynamic, big and interesting. Above all, selecting quality speakers and ready use start-up products is crucial.”
Nur Abidin, Chief Executive Officer
Thursina IIBS
“EDUtech Asia is a great place to meet new business partners, educators, and tech industry leaders. You can stay up-to-date with changes in technology and attend important seminars on edtech.”
Jayme Brown, Business Development and Strategic Alliances
Visang Education
Republic Of Korea

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