Mahiret Some | Director Of Economic Foresight And Legal Affairs
Ministry of Transports - Burkina Faso

Mahiret Some, Director Of Economic Foresight And Legal Affairs, Ministry of Transports - Burkina Faso

Name: SOME 
First name: Mahiret ER 
Education: Railway and urban transport systems 
Training: Technical Director SOPAFER-B 


December 2016: International expert title in Rail and Urban Transport Systems, Ministry of Higher Education and Research France 
December 2015: Specialized Master in Rail and Urban Transport Systems, Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech; 

July 2013: Higher Certificate of Transport Economics, Transport Economics Laboratory, CNRS Joint Research Unit No. 5593, University of Lyon II France; 

December 2013: DESS in Management; International Center for Applied Higher Education (CIESA); New Brunswick, Canada; 


Since January 2016: transport mobility consultant LOTIS Sarl Burkina Faso: involved in guided transport projects, urban mobility, traffic study and implementation of urban transport plan. 
February-July 2015 SYSTRA France railway expert, working on the realization of railway studies and projects, and participation in SYSTRA Region Africa's commercial development activities. 
Since November 2010 AGENT SOPAFER-B Technical Director with responsibility for monitoring the inspection policy and maintenance of the MR track and equipment. The monitoring of the application by the concessionaire, norms and standards in railway matters. The control of any maintenance or rehabilitation work carried out on the railway heritage. 
Since 2011 temporary teacher for the modules of: urban mobility, transport economics, general economics, urban project design; railway operation; traffic study. Establishment: ESTP; HETEC; EBBTP, new Dawn University. 

Functions held over the past three years 

-Teacher and mobility 
consultant -Director 

Publication and Professional Cell Member 

Publication: Urban Mobility and Town Planning of Ouagadougou, Burkina Info, November 2016. 
Publication: Maintenance Strategy Track and Safeguard of the Ivoiroburkinabe Joint Railway Heritage, ENPC, December 2015. 
Member of SITRASS: International Solidarity on Transport and Research in Sub-Saharan Africa


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 15:00

The impact of regulation on transport infrastructure capacity and service quality

  • Regulatory and institutional framework
  • Balancing expectations when it comes to infrastructure capacity regulation
  • Incorporating service quality management in the regulation
last published: 23/May/19 09:25 GMT

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