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Wernex Engineering (Pty) Ltd, is part of Hegenscheidt MFD group. We overhaul and install Hegenscheidt machines worldwide.

20 February 2023

  • We have overhauled 4 underfloor machines type 105 in Egypt. We upgraded machine type 167 for Zambia Railway.

  • In Zimbabwe we overhauled and upgraded 2 Hegenscheidt portal wheel lathes for NRZ.

  • In South Africa we overhaul and maintain all Hegenscheidt machines for Transnet.

    o 4 x New 165 Portal Wheel Lathes as well as 2 x U2000/400.

  • In South Africa and Zimbabwe, we have upgraded all machines from

    hydraulic copy system to CNC control.

  • We have also installed 2 x 165 Portal Lathe, 1 in Chicago and 1 in Topeka for Hegenscheidt

  • We also installed 1 x U2000/400 in Thailand as well as 1 x U2000/400 in Mozambique for Hegenscheidt.

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